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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

little things

My new favorite jersey. I have no idea what the story behind the Unibet boys tossing on these jerseys is ... but, i want one.

With all the dope-talk and suspicions of lab rats and crooked bureaucrats ... its' nice to see a little irreverence back on the bike.

- - -

Here in the NorCal ... we've got the traditional season opening leg-breakers scheduled. It used to just be the two Pie crits, one in Santa Rosa and one in Napa ~ but now, there's a wee bit of money tossed down Martinez way for their city crit ... and, it looks like that's where most the action will be at for Saturday.

But, it looks like attendance might get dampered by the rains on order for our region. It is a bit early in the year to throw risk into the window and racing a wet crit ... you've got riders not used to the efforts and riding above their levels ~~~ picture perfect combination for mistakes to happen.

ah well, hopefully it'll just be nice wet sliderific surfaces and the equipment won't get too wacked out of shape.

i'll be damned if i'm missing them.


Hick said...

Good times, always.


bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

That rain makes me nervous...but I guess you gotta suck it up sometimes, and that's some deep money for the local femmes.

Velo Bella said...

I'm too old and spoiled for that mess. And my bike's too pretty.

Anonymous said...

I see it happen every year. It's either the rain, black ice or stupid riding at the Early Birds that causes riders to take a forced absense.

Jan and Feb are the months to lay low and allow the eagerness of the early season-ers a go at it.

Things will settle. They always do. Its a long season.

nosajpalnud said...

you guys have almost the entire team signed racin ahead

Ippoc Amic said...

I won a pie once because I decided to race in the rain...the rain stopped but the people didn't show up...just me and two others in my geezer women's category...the pie was good

Ippoc Amic said...

hey, I meet that guy in Colombia..he likes beer..