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Monday, February 12, 2007


yet another Monday morning rush of randoms:

  1. coffee took a good 20 minutes to smash the glass this morning.

    when you finally wake up, and the working world is all crystalline sharp around the desk -

    ... that's when you realize just how much longer you wanted to stay in that warm snuggly bed.

  2. today, an initial casualty count is 75 dead and over 150 more injured Iraqi civilians in separate, coordinated bomb blasts.

    one day, like so many other days.

    too bad they aren't white. maybe we'd care then.

    ... and it's still not civil war.

  3. i'm pretty gawdamn sick of having an injured back. i suck at injuries. that's the problem with being a pain junky - everything is ignored and secretly, masochistically enjoyed.

    but this has been 3 weeks and it's not getting any better. unfortunately, the hate of aMErican healthcare overrides any reasonable arguments to visit them for treatment (all doc bunnies excluded, of course).

  4. Stupid mistakes i made this weekend:

    #1: realizing i had pretty shyte tread on Friday nite and switching them out to the cheapo 9$ tires that have been laying neglected in the garage for a decade, or two. I mean, so what if it's gonna rain ... how much of a difference can tires make?

    yeah, that was a graaaayte idea.

    Saturday's geezer race had me sideways more than that six'er of Santa Barbara wine we brought back last year.

    stupid, stupid, stupid.

    At one point I told leaney-Reaney to stay away from me because i was turning right worse than fukking Zoolander. He obliged.

    #2: In that stupid prosey race at Martinez, I didn't attack once. notbloody once.

    it has been years that i haven't attacked in a criterium. yeah, yeah, yeah ... i know i'm injured, i know i'm not in great shape ... but, i hate, just frickin despise being a hanger-on in a bike race.

    that is going to be motivation for the next 6 months.

    thankfully junkadonk was there to tow me back up to the pack after i couldn't close the tailgunner gaps.

    i can't stand just being a survivor in a bike race.

    #3: no warmup for Cherry Pie.

    i just couldn't get my shit together. Pasco and Jeff had to monitor the front of a very aggressive old-guy pack for the first 20 minutes as my body uncurled from the fetal position. sorry guys.

    there was a bad breakaway up the road with Spine, CalGiant, the Discoboys, and EMC in it. that sucked for us. But, with only 3 guys and all of us a fair bit waxed from Saturday's sufferfests (pasco did 3 crits, each rainy-er than the last) ... it took us a good 10 minutes of hitting the field to bring them back. stupid.

    but, we salvaged a 3rd with Jeff in the field sprint ... so, best we could manage under the circumstances, i think.

    i didn't even think about doing the prosey race. my body shut down, full stop.

    #4: going to work today.

    ... oh yeah, better get some of that done.


jAndy donka-donk said...

On saturday I had the goal of staying with the lead group and not adding any more red to my kit.....

We both met that goal and made a few dollars in the process....

Thanks for being there, since I wouldnt have towed one more Berry or Davis rider back up after a blow......

Nick said...

I hope your feeling better soon. I know how it is fighting off injurys and it blows! I was working through something similar during CX season, very frustrating. I'm just starting to feel closer to 100% myself.

One word "Yoga" my fiend, it's helped me quite a bit, especally for lower back pain etc....

Anonymous said...

that's such a bummer...get well soon (the back thingy) I was looking forward to watching you race this season...


PAB said...

doc bunny is going to poke at your back this coming weekend.

you are warned!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, when I heard the news report this morning...

We are very fortunate - live each day to the fullest.

Speaking of which you were riding great this weekend and I believe that you are injured, but not completely out of shape. Take care of the core and hips then with patience the back will follow.

Good racing with you.

Donkey-d@#$ - I got your number bitch!


Nome Agusta said...

One word...Chiropractor.

And don't give me no BS Western medicine argument, just shut up and go!

It's your body's frame, you won't ride a bike with a bent chain stay. Would you?

Tony Rocha said...

I would, but only as far as the LBC.

X Bunny said...

don't worry
i seem to surround myself with people who hate doctors

but i am upset that i didn't have a chance to poke at your rib on sunday cuz pab told me i needed to

so be prepared to show some ribs next weekend

i'll admit that there may be nothing i can do for it, but it's a good excuse to see some skin