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Sunday, January 21, 2007

wit spicket done run dry

weekend whatup ~

There was a criterium out in Sacto we went to. It was a good day. The Bellas were clockwork and ended up winning a bike race. It was a very good day. It was a blogger-packed podium thick and through with our own Marscat taking the women's event after a decent bit of breakaway work. (nice sprint nosaj in the geezer do, too).

We loved it.

Then today, it was a long-bit of cross riding trying to avoid crashing and not doing a damn bit of success of it. It was a more sedate pace than the last time out there with the hard crew ... but it still left a big, fat bag full of hurt at my doorstep.

shyte ... that's all i can muster now. shower and done with this weekend.

hernando out.


Anonymous said...

and no mention of the win or the top 3 for hernando in the same day at sacto...

if only i had seen you ride away you sneak bahstid.

good racin!

Anonymous said...

That was some good fun out there on Saturday. This year already has a much nicer tone to it. Fierce competition among friends is all good in my book.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved that about racing with the geezer crowd

ala "Wow man I'm glad to see you here, I'm going to try and kill you but I'm glad we get to race together today"

Fun times and Hernando is FIT! Faker :)


Anonymous said...

yeah - can't believe anything he says.....back hurts, gained wait, can't sprint, not much riding.....

NICE MOVE in both races

who won the p123?

PAB said...

I hate you all.

gawdam bike racers...

Anonymous said...

My lil buddy Eric Easterling aka the pocket rocket won the p,1,2 race.

And PAB loves us but its a bit early in the season for him to say so.


Anonymous said...

i'm tooting the horn for Hernando!

congrats on your races.

hope the drive home wasn't wretched. I toured lake Berryessa and Napa.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you all are having fun without me! How do you manage? Congrats everyone on doing so well!!!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i hope the big Cali rains come soon. we need to get people off their bikes and slow them down.

EVERYbody is fast already. but like Ron said, the vibe is pretty good out there already. smash-mouthed racing where everybody smiles and sips brewskies together afterwards.

why can't gov'ments do the same?

ah well ~ thankful we got bike riding.
gonna be a great year.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear... It's the rare day that I can chime in on the monday morning post race bs, but lemme tell ya, that was fun, even if I am still hurting this morning. I even got to crawl outa my internet bubble and meet one other of you in person (Pab). Good safe racing... what a hoot. Watching olaf attack the break in the 35+ race was classic olafian knife plunging, even if it was at my expense. awesome.

Now, everyone go back to not knowing who those yokels from Reno are....

Anonymous said...

I just realized nobody has mentioned the "moon over land park" during the masters race.

WTF? You all are slippin.

I secretly think Olaf set it up do distract us all, or not.

Either way it was classic.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

damn, Shawn ~ you got legs.

white, pasty, reno-ite sun-a-phobic winter legs ...

but legs.

tDnez - top 5 for you, dawg.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i thought that was in the prosey race?

two college girl booties shining bright on the final corner.

... i guess not all youth is wasted on the young.

Anonymous said...

See how well it worked I cant even remember what race I was in..........

Good times

Anonymous said...

That's why I couldn't wear the knee warmers... Saturday is the only sun the gams are gonna see for a couple o' months.

No jinxes, but it's on this year. I just gotta be fit enough to not get dropped by my teammates.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Missed it! Married so long that I guess my booties radar is completely in op.

Although, I took the wifey and the tandem out to SF and rode with the EMC women's team Sunday. Then was in a small apartment with hot naked biker chicks changing for the BAW awards ceremony.
Well, OK, only my wife was naked, and only for about 10 seconds. But there was some talk of doubling up in the shower. That got the mind a thinkin.

And yes, Olaf is as fit as he wants to be. I thought that damn acceleration early in the P1/2/3 race would never end. Drug my tired ass halfway round the course before calling for a pull through.

Anonymous said...

Hernando, Very tired. Had to induce food coma last night!

Velo Bella said...

it was more of a tequila coma

Anonymous said...


Soooo since I didn't know my wife during her college days I have no idea if this is true or not BUT I told her about the Moon over Land Park and she said "I would never do that, I might flash my tits but I'd never do that"

I was Ummmm kinda sexcited and kinda shocked all at the same time.

So VB when you see her, make sure to mention that for me....PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

AND, can she be that white trash when she isn't realy white?

I mean she did marry me so who knows...........

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your tips, and looking out for me on the road yesterday.

Anonymous said...

What fun to ride with the big boys -in January no less! After that, the 35+ 4/5s should feel slow... good stuff 'hooter!