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Friday, January 19, 2007

fuk BC

this is the jungle baby.

watch it out on BummerLife.

just keep watchin.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

now go ride a bike.

any bike.

Anonymous said...

make it a bike without a saddle or seat post...ouch!

Anonymous said...

hey, you broke a're the first comment on your's a bunny rule I think...

Anonymous said...

what do you mean fuk BC, should be fuk Sierra KOM.

did ya catch wind of this silly Sierra Rd. KOM contest? Entry fee $100! Seriously lame.

Anonymous said...

how do they do that?

Anonymous said...

hey mike -
good talkin to you today! drop a line at and we can catch up

Anonymous said...

Hunt around for some Flatland riding videos. I can watch that stuff for hours, over and over. Its so unbelievably hard, I tried it two years ago and determined it to be roughly 50-100 times as dangerous as the Cherry Pie Cat. 5 crit. BTW-nifty racing today!

Anonymous said...

Those guys aren't human.....that's just insane.

Anonymous said...

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