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Friday, December 15, 2006

the size of your stupidity

So, this Andy Lee (Director of communications at USA Cycling) wrote a little rebuttle to a VsNooze letter by some joe-rider named Hamel.

In a nutshell, Hamel's letter suggested that maybe, just maybe the field sizes at Cross Natz are too large. He points to, as example, the pre-regged 217 riders in a B-field.

Now, Lee responds that, 'duh ... the B-field isn't even a National Championship event.' Thusly, sidestepping the question of field size in a cross event and throwing up a smelly red fish of, hey ... they're just B-racers and they ain't important.

Right on. fuck those B racers.

Lee then goes on to show that the field sizes are, in fact, MUCH lower than 217. He points out that the largest National Champy field size this year is only 177 ... why the exact same as last year.

Only 177.

... thanks for that, asshole.

Has this wank ever lined up in a race with 177 riders? Has this idiot ever even done a cross race? 177 riders on a less-than 2-mile circuit is not a race, it's an exhibition. It's a parade of spandex where a baker's dozen of riders will fight it out for the win, while all the others are just there to spin around in their chamois for a few minutes until they're pulled.

it's a cash cow for the promoter, nothing more. Now, i've no problem with promoters making money. None at all. I want them to make money. But, be honest about it, fer'chrissake.

This Lee's letter typifies a certain mentality at USAC that i find all too prevalent and all too frustrating. It's more than just an ignorance of what cyclists, their customers, are asking for. It's an igorance covered tight and waterproof by arrogant disdain. The disdain that Lee shows in his letter, disdain for the people who pay his salary ... makes me wanna say ~

Andy Lee is a big-fat-idiot.


Anonymous said...

c'mon, olaf...

can't you see the Grand Canyon-esque chasm of difference between 217 and 177?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Lee would give the same tired response "you don't like it, then go promote your own race where you can do what ever you want." frustrating at best.

Brent Chapman said...

Yah, they still dont recognize a Single Speed category.
I dont really care if its really a UCI national championships, it could just be the US champs non uci. Damn USAC.. head up their Arses again.
The folks in Oregon were pretty cool to let us have an event the past few years.
Maybe there should be a non USAC cyclocross national championships for the 100 racers who are locked in the cattle guards. Is Peak Season doing a FIAC championships?

A lot of the B's are working stiffs who are the PIT crews for the elite guys.
Ive raced in one of those massive fields. Unless you get the first 10 numbers you aint got much of a shot even if you could do well in the A's.
Oh and to be honest a lot of these B's could race in the A's they are just mid packers at best when there is Kona boys and the rest of the national munchers mixed in with 150 elites. So at nationals they step down a category for a shot of doing something for paying to fly to BFE.

lets burn that mother F'r down!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why CX nats was not in your cards this year.

Anonymous said...

If you know Andy, he is cool, he used to race, he still rides, and is a puppet to USAC. He is communications director to a bunch of power hungry a-holes that don't care about racing as long as they get their $$. Don't kill the messenger. He needs a phucking job just like the rest of us puppets.

Felice Navidad.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

don't kill the messenger ... always sound advice.

Dr. X said...

I should probably go back and do the research, but isn't 177 a lot more than they allowed on the wider open road natz? Another echo... how can it be a natz champy status event if the first 177 schmoes to pay get in? I busted my glutes to qualify for triathlon nationals and promptly choked, but at least I knoew I competed with and got beat by qualifiers. Rant off.

Brent Chapman said...

[Anonymous said...
Now I know why CX nats was not in your cards this year.]

Nah. My back is jacked and I am too fat. No fat guys at Natz. Really I couldn't afford to go even though I really wanted to. :(
just not in the tea leaves this year again.