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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

might as well ...

every syllable ... every frickin' mouthing of a word

dripping in satire.

The Colbert scalding


McSassy said...

I have to admit I like that dude.......

And I found a Democrat that I would actually vote for. Obama is the real deal.
If the dems pick Hil-larry I'll vote with the red team, again.

Any presidential hopefull that comes out and says "Yeah, I smoked weed in college" is not your normal run of the mill lie'n scumbag.

That one bit got me listening to him and now I'm a fan.......

OV, you win. Love it.


mcsassy said...

Oh yeah, Cobert makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...

I think olaf should run for president of the NCNCA. or the NAACP.

Then he could find his Lewinsky, give her his cigar.

Then velo bella could really run for president after olaf serves out his term.

this sounds like a plan to me.....

Anonymous said...

cookies and poo for you two!

Anonymous said...

nice morning chuckle

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

best use for a cigar ... ever.