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Sunday, November 12, 2006

my Surf City fuck up

yup, it's my fault we lost our venue today.

well shit. sorry folks.

totally my fault, though.

bring on the bitch-slappin!


Hick said...


Details please, was there a glitter overage?


FreshOne said...

The course was shit anyway. We will just rebuild it better the next tme, kinda like when we were kids and that crappy old man accross the street would always tear down our dirt jumps. Were'nt the jumps always better after the rebuild? You know this my brother.
Hernando had a cross course do dah do dah,Hernando had a cross course and its track was slick and slow. Gonna schralp all day gonna drink all night bet my money on a single chainring couldnt get up the hill.
We will build it again, and they will come back for more no doubt.
Just think, the holes will still be in the ground for setup next time. We will set the course up faster than Bo and Luke Duke can change a flat on the General.

Flandria said...

crap...oh well...moving on...

velogirl said...

Michael (and Sabine), there are worse things in the world that could happen. We all appreciate what the two of you (and the rest of the VB crew) have done this season. Bummed to miss the party (and the accompanying race) but no one is angry. It's a hobby, remember?

Anonymous said...

no bitch slappin' here. you guys all do so much for this sport. your magic is so, so totally appreciated.

thanks so much for working so hard on it. we'll be back for the next one!

VeloRainDog said...

seeing that crushing look of realization...i felt for ya.

and you held it together much better than i could have hoped to.

i'm sure it'll be even better next time.

Aymsterh said...

Oh Please - No Pity Party. It wasn't your fault and NO ONE is going to let you get away with the blame. Dave says he's praying for them all - in the old testament sense... I vote for at least five of the seven plagues.


Josh and Barb said...

So, what did you actually do? It's a real drag that the race was cancelled, but it's not the end of the world. I'm just curious about why! Can there be more races at the fairgrounds? Or was this just a one time problem?

Anonymous said...

I think not.
Based on the nonsense that we experienced dealing with the facility folks last time, I would tend to think you got caught in a crossfire of a power battle.
If you called them and followed up like you said and were told everything is good to go, there really isn't much more you could have done. The big bitch running things would have just found another way to rain on the parade.

We seriously considered parking down the street and poaching the course for some truly outlaw cross racing.

You did well keeping your composure, if it had been me, Big Gianni would have had to pin me down and gag me.
If it were Groovy T, crosses burning on lawns.

Taz said...

Names, names...

I know some friends who know some bad ass friends.

Well, really it is just me, but I can get really really pissed and look real mean under the right shade of light...

Let me at 'em. We can use the pieces as obstacles for next year. ;)

Miss Mary said...

This was not your fault and i wish you'd stop saying that.

there was an acknowledgement of our event when we spent ALL day yesterday setting up WITH fairgrounds people there watching our every move.


Velojuice said...


As hard as you guys work on this and it is many times a thankless job you need to know that we understand. It was not your fault. I know the people I was riding with today had no bad words for you guys, or else I would have given them the Belgie turn signal. We live to die another day my friend.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Damn. Nothing to beat yourself up over, though. The phoenix will always win in the long run.

Hell, for me it's actually good news because I might be able to make the new date!

PAB said...

there's a bitch that needs slappin, for sure.

but it ain't you, bro.

the Bella crew (and all the racers) were the collective victim of incompetence, petty vindictiveness, and cover-your-ass-ed-ness.

the world we live in.


i think mcsassy is onto something...we didn't have safety glitter!

Anonymous said...

Lack of saftey glitter sounds like the likly culprit!

I doubt this was your "fault" sounds like a pissing match is going down somewere with the Bella's getting the wrong end of the stick.

I feel bad you guys wasted your time setting the damm thing up yesterday, when everybody could have been doing something else.... like riding? or drinking beer, um... beer.

fuk em' you guys rock....

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.....

le petit lutin said...

Ohhh, don't even take the blame for the shit that just went on.
There was nothing you could have done...

I just feel bad for you guys because you all worked sooo hard.

But it ain't over!!!!

swiggco world said...

The way I see it, the biggest bummer is for you guys. The amount of work that went into putting on the race and now no race, no revenue but the energy was spent and the expenses incurred. Ouch! I hope you all land on your feet.....a grass-roots sport like ours is in real trouble without the energies of folks like you. On a funny side note, since the race was cancelled I joined my firends for a westside MTB ride in Wilder ranch and U.C.S.C. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting somebody on a 'cross bike. Cheers, swiggboss.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

to everyone ~ be sure to make at least 14 jokes at my expense in the upcoming years.

we will laugh about this, though.

oh man, will we ever.

but right now ... blech.

and i can't tell you how much it helps Sabine ... getting all this support. the nasty emails are there, and you can't stop some folks from being irked beyond reason - but we just have to take the lumps, nod our heads, and say 'sorry.'

we'll do it better next time.

FreshOne said...

Henrando take a cue from you name and go lightly. We all love you and you still the man.How about a few jokes then.

How many people does it take to ruin a cross race, or did you hear the one about the cross race? No what cross race.
There is always the classic, knock knock whose there cross cross who cross me like that again and your dead.
Knock knock who's there cross cross who cross the road and get back in your car the race has been canceled.
Knock Knock who's there cross cross who cross my name cross your heart cuz I luv u.

I say if the Hose Heads had a barn in their race, then we should have one as well. All we need is some old down pillows and a roll of duct tape then we are in business.

Anonymous said...

Aluf Vandersnot we love you! You have such great hair and great butt!

Your the best velo bella of all!

Dont worry, be happy!

You live and you learn~!

Please go drink a lot of beer NOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey, even if you mess up, at least you were trying! Sometimes things mess up, other times they go perfect!

It is the effort that counts!