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Monday, November 13, 2006

just one extra phone call...

that's all it would have taken.

- - -

For all those non-locals ~ we had a puurrrfect course set up this weekend that got the kibosh at 7am the morning of the race. Then, at a bit after 9am - they gave us a little, 'oops ... yeah, go ahead and do the event.'


Now, this all could have been avoided if i'd made one extra phone call to the facility instead of just talking the guy we'd dealt with on the first event. shyte.

- - -

it's just the sadness sitting in us today. Poor Sabine, she has to catch hell about it. The volunteers who bled bullets to make the course perfect, the prizes perfect. The sponsors who came down to catch the last Indian summer's day. The smiling racers ready to have a great time. The families ready to play. The kids eekin' for kiddiekross. The officials turned away.

it just sucks all the way around. all because one extra-phone call of confirmation wasn't made ... by me.

- - -

and now we have to try and reschedule. try and not impact attendance at another event in the area. try to get folks hyped again for this excellent event. try to get the amazing volunteers to put aside yet one more weekend to put on a race. get the officials back. etc, etc, etc.

it just sucks.

but, you've got to overcome, eh? and it will be all the sweeter when we pick ourselves up off the ground, dust off, and stand straight. we'll do it.


marscat said...

we felt so bad for you guys sorry this happened after all the hardwork.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you were the ones picking up barriers and steel spikes all day.

we owe you, big-time.

thanks guys.

Ippoc Amic said...

I have been trying to think of something to write and marscat sums it up perfectly...

what is really cool is that the little that we do when we help out, gets so much thanks from you guys that well...we just really appreciate all that goes into making these races happen, and it is a lot...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Linda, you're like ... the buddha, or something.

seeing your cool, smiling face ... it just sent waves of soothing through us.


(gey kissing sound)

El sexy boy said...

I have this dream: We are all showing up victorious to set up our next race at the fair grounds. There is a whole "VOLUNTEER", suppliant work crew, consisting of certain county employees, who had been standing there waitng since 05:30 (something got misscommunicated)we show up about 08:00.

a number of us posit how we could have already had the thing layed out and completely done in those three hours.

Ride through beer barn? Oh ho yes we will. AH AH...(we wag them back with our finger) That's way too far away from the venue area (They like the grass.) You'll need to move that barn over here and put it right over this drive right here. Jeff squints closes one eye and says:" Yeah we thought about that once a few years ago, Yeah we could do that. Hey I'm pretty sure I could wire something up and we could have "American Bandstand" reruns piped all around the expo when were are not telivising the race."

Oh except for you chica: You need to come over here (I'm not sure who said this but the voice seems to come from behind my eyes); we need a new run up. "Myow myow myow already myowmyyow ru..." SH SH. New Race New Run Up. See that big snarlin entwined mass of malevolent red leaves?

Oh no help sugar plum. They're moving a steel barn (that's Michael getting Egyptian on thier ass/Soo .. he's going as Pharo next year/I'm gonna have to step up : Cleopatera! but I digress) and the others are buisy asphalting a high bank turn out back of the race track.

Then Ben, Michael and Jacmeyne test ride the course and decide that if they could regrade this hill over here we would have a beautiful hill attack area. "Yeah and we can use the over burden to build a really cool Bella Lounge vista point," said Sabina and Laura.

Ok lets go people Reg. opens tomorrow at seven.

Ippoc Amic said...

that's sweet..thanks...

FreshOne said...

Henrando take a cue from you name and go lightly. We all love you and you still the man.How about a few jokes then.

How many people does it take to ruin a cross race, or did you hear the one about the cross race? No what cross race.
There is always the classic, knock knock whose there cross cross who cross me like that again and your dead.
Knock knock who's there cross cross who cross the road and get back in your car the race has been canceled.
Knock Knock who's there cross cross who cross my name cross your heart cuz I luv u.

I say if the Hose Heads had a barn in their race, then we should have one as well. All we need is some old down pillows and a roll of duct tape then we are in business.

Anonymous said...

Folks are giving Sabine some shit?...Oh that does it, NCNCA flame-o-gram being drafted RIGHT NOW!

BTW: GT has a draft already written, she was going to send it to the Mayor of Watsonville, but I had her save it for now until we can find a more effective recipient. It's not so much a flame-o-gram (like I would have written) but just an illustration of the extreme unprofessionalism on the fairground admin's part.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Ron ~ please don't send any flames out, anywhere. i've talked with the Watsonville folks this morning and everyone involved accepts that miscommunications occurred and that mistakes were made. they didn't talk to each other about the authorization, and we didn't confirm with the one person who canceled the event.

yes, things could have been done better - but, the most important thing at this point is that we want to keep the venue available for ALL cyclists, not just this particular crew of promoters.

let's ease off and focus on making the next event even better - because it will be.

X Bunny said...

or perhaps one or two less lies would have sufficed also

Velo Bella said...

Hey Ron

The first few emails I received on the subject were nastygrams. Most likely written in the heat of the moment, and by those new to the sport who do not understand what an ordeal each and every venue is to secure.

Since then, the emails have all been exceptionally supportive. The cross community is still small and supportive and full of the people that are the reason we do this.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris said...

Aw, man...that hurts, even from way out in fruit-tarty Brito-slavia. To quote the big dog, I feel your pain.

Pale Ale Yum said...

I sent a email to Sabine with a big thanks to all you guys. This one is for you. Keep it in perspective. Thats why the VB surf city races are so fun. If it was easy, everyone would be a promoter. You guys know more than anyone else that it is a labor of love. I have to agree with Paul S..... a bunch of expenses without any revenue- ouch. Perhaps the silver lining is an extended season in Jan? Jan 21st? Hmmmmmmm

funkdaddy said...

Such a bummer that everyone's favorite venue is your recurring nightmare - maybe this will help the Fairgrounds folks realize something is broken.

So...unless you guys can go Saturday on a race date (tough with the volunteers I'm sure), I'd bet you'd get a good turnout for a January race with all the pre-regged riders and what-not. Maybe make it an end-of-the-season blowout with a BBQ on Sat (or race-day), maybe an evening showing of Vernor's PSH or his new vid if it's ready...

Wild Dingo said...

ditto my comments here:

worse things in the world could have happened. Personally, I blame Don for not being forward thinking enough to have Ruffles for all the rest of the crying bike racers... :)

yellowbug said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Everyone knows how hard you and Sabine work to keep Cross going strong! Sorry the race got canceled, but keep up the good work out there!

Velo Bella said...

the sexy boy...showing off.


Michael and I are both re-reading and enjoying and guessing who it is.

I think I know who. But Michael says we've been wrong before.

We have?

Taz said...

Set the date, and I'm there. I'll have to move around my TV time, my late night snacking, early morning procrastinating, and my mid-day goofing off, but it will be worth every penny. 2nd time is always better!

Lilly Bella said...

my world is very small and I know who dis sexsy boy is...

Hey Michael,
There were hidden forces against us from the start. I think it was a case of the left hand not wanting the right to know what it was doing, because maybe just maybe that would mean that hand might have to stop double booking and booking against policy dates.

It is just a bike race but I would like it to be a wake up call to administration to the procedural inconsistencies within their org. Establishing that would be an improvement, it is their responsiblity to tell promotors what that procedure is...
We shouldn't have to play 20 questions with what forms need to be on file, and when an event planner tells you everything is scheduled and we are good to go, why should you believe differently?

This infuriarates me to no end, the responsible take responsiblity
and the irresponsible do what??? Give us a discount on next time?

Do you think that if we voice a complaint of such that they will withhold the venue from cyclists in general?...that wouldn't be wise of them...again its a public venue not just for the special interests that know the secret handshake on the left.

Anyway I do keep it in perspective but I also would like to hold those accountable that had the power to be truthful, communicate,resolve or cancel this event. On Sunday, we were powerless and I would like the public to have equal access to the venue, and if they don't they should know about it since they pay the taxes to maintain it.

That is the bigger issue.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i hear ya, luscious lilly.

but, mistakes were made on all ends.

and ...

i think that we can do more with honey than vinegar, in this instance.

i may be wrong. but, give me the chance, will you?

PAB said...

what Lilly said.

Velo Bella said...

We are the red headed stepchild. The unwanted guest.

Its not like we can comparison shop. We're the business no one wants.

Who else lets hundreds of cyclists loose on their lawns? Not a lot of folks. Its the cards we're drawn and we have to perform a fine balancing act between idiots and beauracracy that wouldnt last a minute in the real working world.

It infuriates me to no end.

So find me another venue with all the features we need in Santa Cruz County that will let us do what we want to do at the price we can afford to pay. And has no bumbling beauracracy.

I've spent three years and a particularly lot of my personal time this summer searching. Many of my weekends were spent at it without much fruit. Jeff Clark has spent 4 times that amount with the same results.

I am braced to lodge a formal complaint. For whatever that will do. It will mean taking a day off of work, something I've already done too much off for this thing.

And maybe the board will see things our way. Or maybe the board, made up of horse afficianados and retired train lovers, will consider us pests.

So the horse people will know we are the ones that carve the big tracks in the grass around the horse arena. We are the ones that conflicted with the horse show. And the train guy will worry that someone will get hurt.

Yes, we are lots of good things too. I am completely prepared on that front. But logic, reason and what is right does not prevail at this level. Ego, personal agenda and money does. And like it or not, we have to dance around that. Not just at this venue, but at all of them, because this same system exists at all of them.

But personally, I'm not certain I want to give up another one of my rare vacation days for what could or could not help or hurt. Not when we also have to find time and energy to give sponsors and racers the experience we promised.

My energy now is on making things right for sponsors and racers. If I have any left to fight this, then maybe I'll give it a go.
I just want those who talk about whats right and what should be done, to understand the reality of our situation and why we have to make the choices we do.

X Bunny said...

i have not been saying anything about this because i know i don't have the time or energy to do anything about it so i'm just keeping my mouth shut

but it almost sounds like lilly might be volunteering....

Anonymous said...

I think the final race should also be a wedding party, and Sabine and Michael can get married on this date and do a Cross race! Your sure to get a good turn out then!
We love you!

Anonymous said...

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