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Thursday, November 30, 2006

the bearable weight of being connected

floating through the lands of blog

Communication ~

I'm a fair bit despiser of the Television. Why? Because i reckon it's a slack-jawed, easy-greased funnel from the corpo-money machine straight into the brainpans of us self-starved chilluns. It's a one-way dump of who to trust, why to think, how to look, and what to feel about one's self ... that sort of shit.

but damn ... Project Runway was pretty funny, yo. And don't get me started on Le Tour coverage.

Anyway, hypocritic oaths aside ~ I am a believer that the web is a different beast than the TV ... but, one that must be tamed just the same ... or there can be a slide into the same oblivion (of thought).

- - -

ok, maybe i'll try again. [reshuffle]

There is isolation swimming all around our lives. Cars, ipod bubbles of sound, insulated heat-treated homes, dampened cubicles of taptaptap ...

we live spread out - fringed with storebought things of survival. alone but dependent upon delivery of water, fiddles, fun. to pass the time.

in a western world.

- - -

no ~ this pooch is getting screwed [skip disk]

by writing, sharing, having the courage to put something you create ...

out for judgment.


i have to go now.


Velo Bella said...


or words.

Anonymous said...

Check out "An Army of David's" by Glenn Reynolds for an interesting commentary on how technology and the pajamas media (blogosphere) are empowering individuals to challenge the traditional big media's and corporate/government control of information and politiks. Also his libertarian leaning blog:

Grey said...

Some randoms:

I don't own an ipod, but wouldn't mind having one, and a racer friend told me that Marla Streb said she raced for two extra years only because she had an ipod... But, I swear I can't ride my bike or go for a run anywhere without at least 50% of the others on the road being off in their portable digital music world. On the bike I think it's a bit dangerous, but beyond that it's kinda creepy. Maybe they're filling their heads with really cool podcasts, or maybe they're listening to K Fed's new album, but there's an intangible but real boundery that's created.

One neato thing about the ease of downloading music and social networking sites is that bands or musicians can social network for free as a way of publicizing their music and then potentially sell it without needing to go through a record label. I have a myspace profile and because I'm 'friends' with a few of my favorite bands I get spammed by musicians asking to be my 'friend.' The vast majority get rejected, but I've heard some good music. If you don't mind the spam (our visual world takes in hecka spam on a daily basis anyway), and it's not a lot, it's a good way for musicians and people who like music to meet up in a way that's not mediated by a middle ($$) man.

where did that expression screw the pooch come from? i think it's funny.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

so sexy.

don't own an ipod, either ... but hear what you're sayin' about lovin to drown the self in music.

it's rare that when i do it, though, is it a shared experience (well...except when Sabine and i get jiggy with it ... mmm).

usually diving deep in music is a mind swirling romp through imagined lands and taking time to paint the faces that pass by.



bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I recently got an iPod after a lot of thought -- before I never listened to music in public places (but was guilty of abusing the cell). I find that I am almost constantly aware of how much those two little ear buds separate me from my surroundings, but since I mostly listen on public transportation I actually like the being "alone".

Podcasts are really where it's at, though.

PAB said...

being a little bit hearing deficient...

i used to (when both ears worked) think it was nice to drown out the world with the ipod (or the walkman, in the long long ago)

now, i can't imagine wanting to.

i want to see and HEAR everything that goes on around me. Even if I don't like some of it.

I don't want to miss the details--they are what make it all interesting...

FreshOne said...

ipod + bike = music video on wheels!

Anonymous said...

good post.

i love my iPod for those gym days.

but, yeah, outside on a ride or hanging with my kids - i want to hear them and talk to them

FreshOne said...

Just turn the volume down or ride with one bud in your ear. Quite a journey to ride 200 miles with Merle and madonna. Rode this years San Francisco journey with Howard Stern.

shannon said...

what vb said.

I find I hold back a lot on my blog, out of caution or fear or overthinking the dangers of the internets or whatever, and I do admire those who let it out there, even when I don't totally agree (lifetime bans? really?)

Anonymous said...

No iPod or TV. Would love the first, love not having the latter. Killed it four years ago. Never made a better decision.

Anonymous said...

TV isn't social. Unless you count chatting with coworkers about Grey's Anatomy, which you think is dumb and they think is profound.

I got in discussions with my ex-boyfriend who loved playing video games and who said that my blogging was the same. I said it's not. It's social. Actually, it's how I know you, and how I have met lots of friends, and shared ideas and grown. Don't tell me that Grand Theft Auto can help you validate yourself, or that watching Tyra Banks show yet another wannabe praying mantis i mean model how to get a signature walk will help you feel anything other than critical and negative towards society.

iPods... they are another beast altogether. I can't live without mine. Music is one of my main connections with the world and with my own emotions. I listen with only one earbud while riding, so I still hear my surroundings, but I love the soundtrack my iPod provides me. It leads me on mental wanderings as my bike and I wander through the hills.

I loved this post (not my comment, but your post). Thank you!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

right on.