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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

shouldn't you be naked?

Well ... Surf City saw a hiccup last night. We went out to the WatsonVile Fairgrounds to confirm some logistics with them ... and were informed there is a horseshow the same day as the race.

It appears 437 calls over the preceding months confirming that the CX race was the only event scheduled that day didn't appear to be enough. Now, I know mistakes can be made ... and sure as shit, i've made more than a dozen in my workplace this week.

But fukkal ~ this really bums me out.

So ... the ManClark and Brenty put their heads in with Sabine and a me to make daisies grow out of the poo-pile. I think this modified course will be ok ... but definitely not as fun as the one we'd hoped (but will use Nov.12). The one thing I love about this weeken's race will be the expo area. We'll have a great place to put up tents and space for folks to spread out and clang bells for the racers as they watch what has to be one of the harder runnups since Gallipoli.

i plan on making an absolute menace of myself on that climb.

- - -

and now, it's back to my own workplace screwups ...


PAB said...

stupid horses.

Velo Bella said...


hell, even one of those free calendars a bank or tractor company gives you, and hung up on the wall, with events scribbled in red ink, will do a better job.

Only one red ink scribblin per day.

I am going to take my frustrations out on that climb.

and you're the cutest.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Tom's new USCF rule on run ups?

Horses and bicycles...yeah that will work.

Velo Bella said...

5A13. No acrobatics on the part of the riders shall be required to overcome obstacles. This includes such items as excessively steep or slippery run-ups and steps so high that riders have difficulty climbing them.

Thats funny

velogirl said...

But did you see tom's other rule? I'd like to use this one this weekend, okay?

5A14. If a race promoter insists on being a masochist by creating one of the steepist run-ups since Gallipoli, racers may employ any means necessary to complete said acrobatics, including but not limited to: ropes, bungies, begging cute boys to carry them, and creating detours that completely avoid said stupid (er, steep) hill.

Velo Bella said...

Jeff thinks some riders might be able to ride it.

hahahahaaa haaa


Anonymous said...

Just imagine how pissed the Eeek-Questrians will be trailering in all those nervous mounts when they see all the bikes, course-tape, and stretchy-pants. Like taking kitty to a dog-show?

Velo Bella said...

Fortunately, its a horse show, not an event. SO horses are at a minimum. But people aren't. (Or so they tell us)

And we are staying far clear of them.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

total segregation.

worked in the 50's.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about this year's CCCX mtb where weekend equestrians broke through the tape and rode up-course, and were overtaken by the first-lap charging semi/ex division containing Mtn Larry, Fuentes, and about six others including the kid from my house? He said they didn't exactly sit down together and sing Kumbayah...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

did Hibbard talk to the horse?

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe shared some wild-eats recipes?

Brent Chapman said...

I hear Larry carries bacon in his pocket.

I for one am interested in starting the new "International Cyclocross acrobatic race federation" Or "jungle cross federation".

I wanted to introduce a Rope Swing to the course on Sunday, but it might take forever to get everyone through..

worldbtom said...

A rope swing OVER a moat would be sweet. You could swim or swing. Options are key.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Acrobatics? Aw, if I weren't already having nervous issues...I might play by VG's rule -- and I'll BMOCB.