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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

oww ... my uvula hurts

I just don't understand things sometimes ...

proposed changes to Cyclo-cross rulage in USASuckling:

5A13. No acrobatics on the part of the riders shall be required to overcome obstacles. This includes such items as excessively steep or slippery run-ups and steps so high that riders have difficulty climbing them.
how big-mama can a society get?

- - -

Are there arguments to be made to not have steep, slippery run-ups? Of course. That's why we allow riders to NOT BLOODY DO THE RACE. Christ on a stick. To waste time with such rulery ...

i have to go now.


Brent Chapman said...

almost as bad as no beer tents.

Brent Chapman said...

UR06.13 Definition of mass start bicycle – submitted by Tom Simonson 1J1(g) A mass start bicycle is a road or track bicycle without any special wheels or handlebars so that it is legal in all events within the road or track discipline, rather than a bicycle that is restricted to particular events. As an example, a bicycle with handlebars offering forearm support is not a mass start bicycle.

Uh wouldnt this guy be unable to start at Pilarcitos?
wouldnt this guy be unable to start at Pilarcitos?

X Bunny said...

isn't the idea of a run-up that it is supposed to be difficult?

heck, in the middle of a cross race, little molehills can be difficult to get up

X Bunny said...

oh, and gargle with some warm salt water

that should help

maleonardphi said...

I think we should get rid of the gravel and dirt, too. I have a hard time with the tight turns in that stuff. Wait, maybe no turns either.

velogirl said...

two words -- pudding pit! now wouldn't that be fun? and so amerikan!!!

diskzero said...

It behooves you...

to take care of your uvula!