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Sunday, October 08, 2006

peein' on Pilarcitos while the big dawgs play away

Locals Only Post ~

yup ... left coast shenanigans at the Hellyeah Drome. It was a fine, fine, supah-fine day to ride bikes and say 'hey' to all the beautiful people. i even got a couple folks sayin' they dug the scribblins here ... and more than a few who just shook their heads with a 'dude, you need a new hobby.'

i know.

Anyway, it's a bit late and i'm just gonna throw up a cupla pics Sabine took before she laced up to do her own race. [Sidenote of Schmoop: it's about the coolest thing ever getting out and racing with your woman. We take care of each other, cheer each other on and ... well, it's just a damn good time. Except for the suffering part).
Ok, stop puking.

To continue - I was too busy erp'in beers and feeding up bottles to the ladies to take pictures. That sucks, cuz there was suuuuuuch good racing out there today. It was a smack-down knuckle fest between the Rachel Lloyd and Shelley Olds. What a frickin' race. I'll try and tap out some adjectives worth a damn tomorrow to set the motions in replay on that account.

And so ... cheap bloggins conclude with -

The Noble Elder making his ooooh face.

Some Funky ass (and back holding up fine, i'd say).
And Hooptie showing us, yet another, sweet expression. This un's a bit more rico suave than his last.

latah folks,


Nome Agusta said...

Looking forward to a report, I had to miss the track for team bidness. I am wondering how the venue worked out.

L. Christmas said...

yay! and blogger rollers back! good times!

VeloRainDog said...

i'm still mourning missing out on the party tent.

but when your carpool ride threatens to leave without you...

next time.

funkdaddy said...

btw my report

wish my woman would come support me - well someone's gotta support the boyz when i'm out chasin' yer ass around...

Eclectchick said...

The Noble Elder's got some noble muscles. Whoa.

marscat said...

it was fun hanging out with you all this Sunday.

thanks for the beer and good cheer!

looking forward to next weekend.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

gNome: it was an "ok" venue. Parking was tough in the morning and there wasn't much variety in the short loops ... but, overall it was a very good training day. loads of high-octane horsepower needed over the poundy-mcbubbles. most people are in dialysis this morning.

christMAS: damn straight, baby. we'll see how long it lasts.

vDawg: still, thanks for hookin' me up with the 411 on the course when i arrived. and we ended up staying waaayy too late.

funkDaddyO: quit showin' off your good lookin' kids. adopted?

Echicka: da' Noble is the core's core. and what a cool cat. maybe it's just that silly Brit accent of his ... but he can tell you just how badly he'll beat you ... and still make you smile like he's talkin' candy.

Mgato: hell yeah!

VeloRainDog said...

when i saw you get 2nd, i knew it was an obvious testament to my course describing abilities.

X Bunny said...

why do your photos start out little when you first post them and then get bigger later....?

and as i re-read this, i must add: no, i am not setting you up for any naughty response

funkdaddy said...

adopted? are you kidding, with a face like this?

Hooptie said...

I was trying to re-create my angry face for the camera...I may never be able to do it again.

velogirl said...

thanks for the cheers!!!