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Monday, October 09, 2006

half-coherent late night scribblins

Got the day off from work today ... thanks to the Imperial spirit. here's how i celebrated:

5:24am - get woken up by kitty noisily batting the window blinds.

6:04am - get woken up by Sabine as she plays with kitty to distract her from batting the blinds.

7:09am - get woken up by kitty distracting Sabine from her keyboard.

7:12am - give up sleeping.

8:34am - head out to pick up VeloBob from California Giant Strawberry location where he dropped off the VP truck for VB use in the Surf City races (thanks again AG).

9:02am - get lesson in how to park huge truck without use of inconvenient emergency break.

9:15am - hear story of how Bob used to hop freight trains from Santa Cruz to O'bispo back in the day. he'd bring his bike onto the box cars ala a hobo-merckx ... and as the train would pass through towns, Bob would ride circles inside the open freight cars, freakin' out folks as the train sped past.

10:57am - make appointment with Soquel High guy to finalize details for this weekend's Surf City CX opener.

Oh yeah, folks ... this is gonna be a good'un.

11:34am - get woken up from nap by kitty chewing on my forearm.

3:02pm - curse at the Madonna of Santa Cruz as i ride over to visit the woman at work.

5pm - fun ride with the woman through the fading pinks of a late summer sky.

7:23pm - pad thai.

10:03pm - more gawdamn kitty bites.

- - -

crosser report tomorrow? prolly not ... more likely there will be a bucket full of pinko-queer ramblings over gas-price conspiracies, televised hegemony, and the assassination of quiet.

then again, spandex smack talk may invade tonite's dreams.


funkdaddy said...

emergency brake

sorry I couldn't resist.

re: sunday - i've got one request, two words: "hoppable barriers"...

Anonymous said...

When kitty gets past the biting stage, you'll miss the bites!

Then again, probably not...

Ippoc Amic said...

i get woken up by kitty snoring!!! it is so cute, i actually love it...

marscat said...

that kitty of yours...
Minnie goes around the room knocking things over until I get up to feed him...only he starts at 3am. everytime he knocks something over he looks up to see if he's woken me up....and if i put him out of the room, daisy claws the door to get out too...and if i try to catch daisy to put her out of the room she runs under the bed and hides...craziness

Nome Agusta said...

You are lucky, Frankzilla the cat
a 27 - 30lb (depending on who's food he has stolen) bully is starting to nip our ankles when we don't do what he wants. If we don't let him in the room we have to lock the door because he knows how to turn the knob. Then he attacks the door trying to knock it down.

L. Christmas said...

"Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it"

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Our bad kitty got himself locked in the snake room last night -- at five this morning he started having kitty PTSD as loud as possible.

X Bunny said...

we're gonna try for an evening ride if it doesn't rain too hard....

i figure there's only 2 more possible this season so better get what we can....

Wild Dingo said...

VeloBob told me those same train stories last year when I drove him around. He's a cute VeloBob. How's drivin' the truck? smooth handlin', huh?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

FDaddy - you and me both re: hoppies ... but, i doubt it's in the cards. you know the score.

... f'n brake.

anony - definitely not.

ippoc - kitty snoring? save me from that day.

mGato - 3am ... spray bottle.

gNome - diet ... then run.

xMas - sooo many times.

BBelf - ... ew. snakes.

xBun - i don't want to think about the trainer right now.

Wingo - he's cute as a button ... one you find hidden away in a drawer and can't exactly remember why you'd have kept it.