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Friday, October 20, 2006

NorCross gone wild

Well ... looks like Kerlin is pre-regged for a start at the Verge races over in MAC-land. gawdamn east-coast mafia takes another of our heavies. BennyJ is listed on the sheet for that one, too.

For those east-sayeed women ... it's going to be a big-hit hammerdash between her Bessette-ness and the uber-Compton. Holey-shyte. That is going to be royale, baby ... roy-ale! somebody get me vid.

There will be the rest of the womens' field trying to keep step with those two - the VeloBella femmes have a solid contingent out there and should field all of them in the top 25. I reckon Kerlin can nab a podium in that race ... but it will take her running smooth and fast the whole day.


The men will have to be all-eyes-on Treboner and the Wicketts. I just don't see anyone in their category right now. Johnson, maybe McCormack, and Wells will all be nibbling scraps left from the big kids' table. I do believe that BennyJ has the engine to rock all them boys off their high-chairs ... but, it still remains to be seen how much energy he can put into 'cross this year. I mean, there's the TofC in early spring that needs to be attended to.

we'll see.

- - -

Up in the wetlands, it's the CrossCrusade flying banners high and spasdic. They had almost 800 racers for their last event. That's so fukking boss. But still, it's a locals only event that brings out the big white hopes. Tonkin, Decker, Swanson ... those boys. And for la'femmes ~ i just don't see anyone taking Ms. Mazza off the top step in that region. She's game.

- - -

And here, in the lowlander bays of play ... it's the Pilarcitos gang spreading their pro-boy vibe all over the 'stick. Tommy announced a new prize list that gives a full cx bike to the winners of both the men and women's C division.


i love the idea of giving away big prizes to newbie racers ... it gives just that bit more of excitement for people to enter into what can look like, from the outside, an insider's sport. But, to the winner of the C's? I'd have done a drawing to give it out to a C rider, instead - random like.

keeps the interest up until the end.


VeloRainDog said...

i agree. big series prizes in the Cs are a strong disincentive to upgrade for those of us who started the season there.

but who am i to argue?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

like you need a new cross bike.

... now, a backup on the other hand ...

i'll be cheering you on.

PAB said...

I think big prizes to C winners totally encourages sandbagging and discourages upgrading.

What I would prefer to see is deeper prize lists in all the fields.

How about new bikes to not just the winner of the A's, but to the top two or three, and spread the goodies down a few more places.

But, not my call, so I'll shuddup.

X Bunny said...

somebody is being way too serious on such a lovely day

watch out or i may force you to have another backrub

marscat said...

raffle is a much better last year.

Miss Mary said...

not enough sponsorships in cross to go that deep

there's no money in the bike business-at least that what I keep gettin told...


Nome Agusta said...

How about for the fastest rider without a cross bike?

Velo Bella said...

fastest rider without a cross bike would go to Jason Rawles, don't know how he does it.
Larry Hibbard too. Larry could ride a damn tricycle.

Fastest without any bike would be laura.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I like the fastest person without a cross bike idea -- but I suppose you'd still require a non-road bike to get in on the action.


PAB said...

fastest rat?

PAB said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

bike tease giveaway or not, none of the diehards or regulars really care.