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Sunday, September 17, 2006

where all the white women at?

ah ... finally got 2 days of riding in a row. that sho' nuff is some good medicine for the weary blearies. gonna get back, at last, to the training routine after a few weeks of labor madness and it's hitting me happy like the clams. a bag full of sorries for the lacking smack talk on this here wordaphone, though.

... let's do a bit of fixin on that front.

The Return of Randomania ~

  1. happy trails followin' naughty tails has made me hornier than pabst blue ribbon.

  2. there is no way in hell i'm gonna be in shape for the first cross races.

    ... ass handed to me.

    but, i'm so lovin' the dirt right now. i can't even look at my road bike ... except to think how sweet it bunny hops. and, seein' the look on her face when she hops over some logs she thought not possible moments before ~ makes the world just that bit brighter.

  3. met the bummer life dude today ... i could totally drink him under the table.

    ... but damn, that brotha's got some skillz with the mindtwists (check the gallery, cuz it'll do you wicked).

  4. Vino, Vino, Vino ... please, just give us a few weeks to soak in how good you look in that golden fleece before they pop the Kazakhs for testy patches or epo-xy infusions or heroin snorts.

    just a few weeks, baby.

  5. can Danielson get any better in grand tours, or does he have Leipheimeritis? (phobia of the podia-m). It's such a shitty deck dealt ... i mean, top 10 in a Tour? that's crazy talk huge of an accomplishment, something so rare, so inhuman - a world of suffering just to get that close ... but, to the victor go the spoils, you dig?

    and we only love the victors.

  6. my cat is evil incarnate.

  7. there is no way i've ever been cool enough to sit with these kids ... but, i'm definitely going to squeeze a worship session. just so's i can show some tit.

  8. speaking of boobs ... gawdamn Funky is racing after talking smack that he was out of commission. i don't mind getting beat by guys in diapers, but no way in hell am i letting a dude who changes diapers get to the line in front of me.

    time to do some training.


PAB said...

i am a huge fan of Sexual Harrassment Panda.

right now, though, i am not so sure that psychocross is fun...

X Bunny said...

i saw you smile

Hick said...

Best pain in the ass ever is the saddle pushing up into my ever so tender nether regions after a few months off the bike.

Or not, but being back is good none the less.

marscat said...

emma evil? she's too cute to be evil?

Ippoc Amic said...

4. yes, yes, yes...let Vino savor the win for a few weeks...

6. what has Emma O done to get such a nickname?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

she is just wonderful ... but can a cat have too much confidence? too much character?

we love her. we spoil her and the first thing we do when we enter the house is look for her.

damn cat.

funkdaddy said...

hey i didn't say i wouldn't race, just that i wouldn't be fast...jeez... anyhow, i've got a spot reserved for you at any start line this season - are you racing C's as well?