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Monday, September 18, 2006

oh no ... commence jonesin'

shyte ... it took hearing about 1 gawdamn cross race.

1 race

~ and now i'm all sticky in desire for getting out there.

First there was xBun's, then VGurl's, then Geeyani and g-Nome ... all giving dusty dirt descriptions of a bit of Sactown cross racing.

hell, even marsygato's tale of a dehydrated cross training ride had me hot and bothered to get out there and hop on anything resembling a two-by-four.

i need help.

- - -

On the big dawg cross front ~ it looks like DJ Snead is starting early with a bit of almost-cross practice to prep him for the No-Cal series(es). Could this be a wee bit of break out a year for the veggie-matic? He's going to be racing solo this year since Barbarella is taking a winter off to heal up her immune system to perfection. Let's hope he keeps morale and swinging big.

The Simonator is blazing big guns right now in the SC. I've seen him ... like 12 times ... out on his cx bike, riding from some workout to another. yeah, i've seen him from the inside of my frackin' car.


Even Chappco is double dippin into the training mojo. He's TT'ing at Swanton and scrubbin' elbows on the Swiggco Friday slaughterfests. Let's just hope Jen is keeping his belly full of anything fried and fermented. i need to be able to beat up on at least 1 significant bella other.

Cam Falconer ... the DFL icon is looking Jeremiah Johnson at the moment ... which means he'll be fukall fast, of course. Crap, now i can't even win the "i drink the most beer" contest out there this year.

The Jack-Maynards are both flying this year. Andy has grafted bionic calves onto his skeleton and BennyJ could stay off his bike for 4 weeks and still have enough fitness to pedal single legged and break the tape first.

But ~ i like the soft-spoken, broken roadie Chris McGovern as a quite winner in a bunch of the races. He's like me in that the engine outrevved the handling in cross ... but, i think he's been working on it something fierce and will bring the big meat to the table this year. sweet.

hmmm ... maybe, just maybe ~ Dave Wyandt will come out and spank booty for a few races this season. I love lookin' at that dude's crackpipe bike. It's not retro ... it's sepia.

... and don't even get me started on Robinson.


Gianni said...

Thought I might see ya out there with the rest of the posse.
I knew people were getting ready early, but it's ON.
Lotsa fun.

X Bunny said...

and you know you missed watching pab hop(or not) over the barriers....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you know, there's a vid function on your cam.

and youtube.

i plan on getting some good stuff this year...

Brent Chapman said...

Did you see Wyants new cross frame?
drizzle on some sea foam green...

Best be rizing foo... i be hittn the riz.. biddin up the fizz... my spingle spangle nuevo uno gearzled chassis is endo completed phaze..
No plans on going down without a fight.. elbows out.

Nome Agusta said...

Chicken Murderers!

Dan Cleary said...

Holy cripes batman, who's the dude getting off on the drive train side in the "DJ Snead" photos. Is that BJM?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

BJM swings lefty.

he's queer like that.

PAB said...

some people will do anything just to be different...

me, i like to see if i can go through the barriers instead of over them...of course, i still dismount first.

Ippoc Amic said...

I just got this weird splint for my wrist, and I told marscat how it reminds me of that blow-up porno doll you just put on your post...psychic

Anonymous said...

...take a deep breath, wipe the sweat off yourself and ride your "air" crossy-bike.

marscat said...

okay you are seriously in need of help...and where's that woman of yours -- why isn't she blogging!

funkdaddy said...

shyte, i think it's time to do a few intervals, if only to be considered on your heavy-hitters list - yes i'm a little hurt.

truth be told, i won't stand to be upstaged by some chick right off the set of charlie's angels...