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Thursday, September 07, 2006

i'm crushing your head ...

ok ~ this blog has sucked so bad in the last week - i don't even want to visit it myself.

... and you know how much i like visiting myself.

- - -

Things pissing me off today:

  1. inefficiency

  2. the lip service given to Danielson in this year's Vuelta ... dedicated team leader my ass.

    the guy was left behind by 2 teammates on the first mountain stage ... and then he waits for the Slovak on a later stage? whatever.

    is the guy a champion? I doubt it. He's a bit soft in the skull and seems to lack that ... demon on his back. But ~

    But ~ you don't name the dude out as the sole leader of your team and then squish his balls like that.

    up yours Bruyneel.

  3. people not even questioning the glaring errors/inconsistencies/lies uncovered by the patsy 9/11 commission.

    ... not to mention giving the light of day to anyone who throws dirt on the Administration's holographic scenario reported.

    reading suggestion: The New Pearl Harbor, David Griffin

  4. bastard people and their ass-faces that i hate

  5. the fact that my new cross bike weighs less than any other bike i've ever owned.

    oh wait ... i LOVE that fact!

    It's a Kona Jake the Snake ... which was my nickname back in 'nam, by the way. I'm riding a 52cm frame ~ which is causing me issues, but I still love it.

    ISSUES (please pronounce like the queer British do ... "i-ss-uuse"):

    A - triangle is too small and i can't fit my bulging pythons through it.

    ... mostly i just wanted to say bulging pythons.

    dos - i'm still using a 90cm stem ... making the reach only a bit too far.


    3. The FABULOSO color!


Velo Bella said...

i think the color broke the camera

and I did say "Is shoes" before you said anything

and no more Project Runway before bedtime

X Bunny said...

and you don't even like to shoulder your bike so quit whining

PAB said...

oh man,

i wish we could sit and share a pitcher or two this weekend.

i think we both really need it.

Little_Jewford said...

since we are talking about it ya know what is pissing me off today....stock photos.

Its bad enough we have to deal with BS lifestyle image marketing but companies could at least shell out for some original B.S. Yahoo use of these photos drive me nutz...I usually use google but am force to look at miss and mr hipster ever time I sign in for one of their groups

rant off....enjoy the new ride

Ippoc Amic said...

I know a queer brit and she doesn't say isssues...pretty queer though

yes, double screw bruyneel and don't even kiss him first...nothing like making a guy already low on morale feel even more low...

isn't that ass face the guy nigel from spinal tap?

diskzero said...

You can create a new and exciting post about the running drills you guys are doing for us neophyte cross racers!

Flandria said...

You didn't mention Levi kissing ass to Hincapie in the USPro Championship RR, that was ridiculous...

Little_Jewford said...

quote from a certain guy who rides for a "beer team", and got 7th:

"Contrary to how the quotes may sound on the cycling websites, Levi and
George were in complete collusion and they never DIDN'T ride like teammates."

I found it pretty dissapointing that the two strongest guys in the race decided not to race against each other even though they ride for different team (ya ya ya...I know he is riding for the big D team next year)...I guess it made for the all important "storybook" ending but it sure ruined the quality of the racing.

Flandria said...

LJ - is so agree, it would have been a good race because they were in the break one on one - ugh! spoilers

Josh and Barb said...

I definitely second the reccomendo on "The New Pearl Harbor". Once you see that it's not just possible but likely that our gov't was involved with 9/11- you end up with a whole different outlook on what's happened since then...

Anonymous said...

blame the slippery tire... yup, I got a ass-kicking laugh with the alto-smello post a few days ago about justification for going down solo down kings. I'd be simpathetic if it was a blowout (or if something broke) but blaming an old front tire for going slippery over time is, well, amusing and a bit humourous. Don't get me wrong, going down is never a funny matter regardless of the circumstances, but blaming the tire leaves me in wondering about all those snake oil salespeople in the world.

Nome Agusta said...

That bike does seem a bit on the small side for you. I noticed your seat is slammed all the way back.

Chris said...

Discovery is weird and dysfunctional and sinking.

Chris said...

Gawd Bless Minnersoda

jAndy donka-donk said...


feel free to pull you head out of your ass and post your ignan comments to my blog where they belong


And I feel bad for Tom, he prob wouldnt have won, but would have been able to hold a podium spot.....

the old bag said...

bulging pythons


you can ride a 52 if you've got bulging pythons

Anonymous said...

worked up in a tizzy... I read your recent post in "cant desend at 2 MPH". Cabin fever must be setting in.