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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

cheap bloggins

from the VanderCam ~

these are some of the yummins i'm gonna make my woman tonite

this is the crackhead fork she's puttin on her Kona Dawg

this is how me n' da PAB prepare for races.

notice how Brenty is H2O'in it up ... pansyass.

here's LillyBella ... bein' cute n' stuff after a 4 hour cross ride.

here's Karen after same said ride ... wiped and happy.

here's the Chappies getting us ready for said cross ride.

here's one caffeinated frickin' Chappy.


Brent Chapman said...

i wuz sneekin my beer!


ginmtb said...

You gotta use the mobile blogger in moderation - don't cheapen it... :)

I actually get charged each time I send a photo so that's probably why I use mine sparingly.

marscat said...

are those blue curtains from Ikea?

Velo Bella said...

they're black and they're from

but thats a Bonde bookcase in the background

PAB said...

i see (by the 1st pic) you guys are goin back to bein veggie.


Emma-O made you do it, huh?

diskzero said...

Heritage tomatoes are in season!  You can have as many of those boring old vine tomatoes as you want later on. 

X Bunny said...

migo says the tomato(e)s are his!

Benjaminiac said...

just don't eat the orchid, it doesn't really go with anything and no amount of vegan organic salad dressing is going to make it taste better.

PAB said...

i was going to say something about the orchid.

but i didn't want to discourage them from eatin veggies...

L. Christmas said...

whoa! mobile blogger in mass quantity!
Seabright Brewery? cool!

Miss Mary said...


yucky tomatoes

Ippoc Amic said...

marscat loves those curtains...we had a big discussion about it yesterday...

cool pics from the saturday X ride...