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Sunday, September 24, 2006

hello painbag ...

ach ~ the first cross race is under the belt and have to say ... it's wearin' a bit tight and uncomfortable around the midsection.

here in the lands of salty dogs and spinach-Coli, we've got a local's only series that ain't USAC but you definitely gotta bring big sac to slap some o' that podium sweetness.

Wicketts was there doin' his thing but managed to look more than a little dorky going over the barriers ... which is always nice to see.

'Hello my name is Simon' and the mcGovernator pressed him a bit for a few laps ... but, you can't stop the landslide and Barry walked away with some of CCCX's cold cash. i think he was going surfin afterwards ... sorry norwest, you've lost him for good.

In the women's race, it was a strong group off the front riding close and competitive until Kerlin decided to push the button and solo off for a nice win.

The Rockett's Stella Carey and Shelly Olds were chasing hard ~ but Kerlin's getting back her World's form and will be tough to beat this season ... even if she was goofing off with us wanks the day before.

Out in the wayward Cruz hills, you just never know who you'll run into. We happened upon the Swobo Knievel contemplating mortality, insanity, and the sublime single speed.

... he needs to stop drinkin' that shyte-weiser and come over to the truly dark messican brews.

if you want pisswater, go with the real stuff.

- - -

Anyway, it was good to finally get out and open up the engine after a long, long break from real riding. It felt like Christmas morning after a night of fighting off the drunk uncle ... glad to have made it through and sore as all fuck from the waist down.

I'm looking forward to getting in some good training to try and put together at least one or two results before yet another year passes through our fingers.

Many a local hottie showed up at the races today and I'm lucky enough to be able to snake some of Sabine's pics to show them off. Here we go:

the man who Rocks the Lobsters and welds the 6-string

the sexiest fukkin hippie ... ever

xBun havin' more fun that doctors are allowed ... without medications

the Rocketts

Hooptie's lessons in braapitybraap

Farid O'bamba

Anne ... fresh off her dislocated/separated/trashed shoulder
... like 5 days ago.
psycho chicka

well hello my name is ...

Bomber Brent



marscat said...

oooh cool photos...looks fun!

Nome Agusta said...

Not that I wish anyone pain, but I am glad to hear that your first cross race hurt too.

Although, after Everest I am feeling like I have gone through a meat grinder...twice.

X Bunny said...

i'll try it without the meds next time....

seriously, there was no way not to smile when i saw the queenbee jumping up and down and cheering with her camera ready....

Hooptie said...

That picture of Cam is top notch.

X Bunny said...

i like this pic for hooptie better

Olaf Vanderhoot said...