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Friday, September 22, 2006

and so he sleeps

A mysterious beeping from one of the appliances in my office ... it's driving me batty.

Outside the window there swims a milkydew layer of fog, covering up, hiding,

In walks a co-worker, almost slumped, asking ~ 'is today the first day of fall?'

... yes.

yes it is.

I think of Keillor reminding us that cold stimulates intelligence. And as I says, the changing of the seasons forces us to remember ... we too change.

- - -

Saw the newly proposed couple, Josephine Beggs and Andrew Jack-Mayonaise, a couple evenings back. She was fresh off her enduro-shot at World's mtb marathon and he was not-so-fresh from a few days in a plane traveling from wherever and whatever he does for Specialized engineering. Personally, I think they are entirely too pretty of a pair for cycling ... they draw crowds and attract attention in a way that certainly inhibits pro level riding.

Andy is eyeing a few UCI races this season and looks to be getting a bit of that sparkle in the eye that can't be interpreted in any other way than ... form.

Josie was disappointed with her World's results ... and is a bit worried that she won't be able to snatch the speed out of the air for the cross races up-coming. She'll be fine, especially if she gets a chance to race in some uber-nasty weather conditions.

She stomps on that shyte.

My honey and I, on the other hand, are soooo fair weather types.

'tis true.

I mean, we love watching boys and girls slosh through the buckets of muck and snort out the goop from the other side ... but ~ do we have to do it? Do we have to actually get that stuff in our hair?

Let's be candid here - we don't just fall out of bed looking this fabulous.

and, it seems a damn shame to spoil all that gorgeousity by throwing mud and sand and snow up our noses.


Nome Agusta said...

I have heard mud baths can do wonders for your skin.

Anonymous said...

The King and Queen of Gigante need to get a room at the local Motel Six!! They will be segregated at all USGP races to insure proper racing form!!!

velogirl said...

You said snow.....only means one thing.....providence! I'm all over it this year -- and staying upright!

jAndy donka-donk said...

Check for a beeping APC unit on the floor that your computers plug into.......

I hate those things....

Miss Mary said...

does this mean you guys won't be getting dirt in the hair at CCCX this sunday?

Brent Chapman said...

I will race if you will...
If you sac out I will hang out and drink beer with you too.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

racing = yes

drinking beer = hell yes

sacs away.

Ippoc Amic said...

you two would still look fabulous and gorgeous covered with rain, snow, sleet, mud, dirt, sand, kitty hair, etc....marscat does...look fab in kitty hair

PAB said...

i am so gonna throw snow up olaf's nose this winter...