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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


... and I was complaining about the non-profit i work at wasting a few mill of BilltheGates' cash on limo rides and lavish dinner parties.

i've no idea if the Gates-Buffet uber-Foundation will overtake the Catholic Church in financial holdings (as this article suggests), but I do believe both those boys can afford to buy their way into heaven.

- - -

i mean, if we can sell off a few roads and bridges to foreign conglomerates ... why can't Bill and Will snatch up the pearly gates?


Velojuice said...

Reminds me of OV, being a rebel and all. Maybe cause you are fast enough to pull it off. Got it from the Swobo guys

shawndoggy said...

Just as long as we ain't sellin' 'em to them A-rabs.

Anonymous said...

does make sense that Bill would want to leave the gates of the evil empire and wind up at the pearly ones

Nome Agusta said...

Bill Gates nightmare:
Bill dreamed that he died one night, he was taken to St. Germain who showed him the option of heaven and hell.
In hell people were having a party and good ol fun time, dancing and what not.
Then they viewd heaven, people blissfully walking around in silence and white robes, but not much going on.
Bill decided that heaven seemed a little boring and chose hell. When he got there he was strung up by his ankles just above a fire and torched.
He said to St. Germain, "this is not the hell you showed me, what happen?"
St. Germain replied: "Oh that was hell version 4.0, this is the upgrade version 5.0".

diskzero said...

Jesus wasn't too excited by the wealthy and their attempts to buy good will.  The camel and the eye of the needle and all that