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Thursday, August 24, 2006

jerky scribbles ~ 2 min 54 seconds

so ~ last nite Sabine and I were over doing our weekly Niscene'rvals up the fire roads of the SantyCurse Mountains.

It's a popular spot for the local yokels to get in a nice climb and do some outlaw single-trackin' if there's enough daylight to dance in. The fire road starts out flattish and droopy until you hit the hill proper, then it's a nice hammer session for a good long while up as far as you would want to steam at.


Me n' the girl have a rythym ... we pedal along on the flatter section, warmin up and talkin' bout our workday, noshin over ideas of what we'd like to do in the near future ... basically, flappin smack about everything from accounting procedures to bike racing tacticos.

It's our time.

We don't start our workout until we reach the first pitch, and then we do intervals up the mountain - secret stuff that is only for us to nibble on. Well, on the flatter sections we always get passed by these big loco-puffers, hammering away like the coal is plentiful and free. We step out of the way and always give the 'heyo' in friendly terms as they zoom by. Sometimes we get a return of recognition, sometime nada. Don't matter much.

Anyway, when we start our intervals on the actual inclines of the dirty trail ... many a puffer comes back and finds themselves dropped by a she-ra and skinnyboyblue. We storm past some, but always giving out the same friendly 'heyo' as we pass. It's just etiquette.

So last night, as we're moving up the slopes ... a particular puffer is being passed. I'm always a bike length, or two behind my woman as she climbs up. I don't like to interrupt her stride or lift her focus from the effort. She passes the Puffer and gives him the friendly 'heyo'. He responds with a stiff 'hi' and i can see his effort increase to match her. Be dropped by a woman, hell no!

But, she's going too fast and moves ahead almost immediately. Then, I begin my pass and he really gets his shorties in a tangle and says out loud, "Well, you caught me and passed me."

huh? like this was a climb to catch you? like you're even on the radar, bud?

and of course my response,

"goal #1, accomplished".

and we zoom on by, continuing our workout.


Nome Agusta said...

I like to yell "Oh I am just out on a recovery ride today" as I roll by.

teamnolan said...

"Good. Our first catch of the day"- Captian Piet, Empire Strikes Back

Conversations about accounting practices on Nisene... nice!

jAndy donka-donk said...

"its the testosterone patch"

And it prob was less about accounting, and more about Hernando spending money he doesnt need too......

I get those all the time.....

Anonymous said...

good boy Hernando. Doin intervals and gettin ready for University... take me to school!

marscat said...

oh so very fun to drop the big dopes.

Velo Bella said...

Is that why you said that? I had no idea what trubble you were getting yourself in to back there.

I was sooooo tempted to say "on your left!!!" but I played nice.

me = big dope

Johnny Sprocket said...

My favorite is to control my breathing as I lumber by, and in a very calm voice tell them, "you sound like shit."

Learned that from a friend of mine back in college during my rowing days. Great demotivator.

Your wisecrack was spontaneous, clever and demotivating. Big points.

Johnny Sprocket said...

p.s. New Scribblings for J. Sprickets? It's become the only reason I post.

diskzero said...

Let us know how goal # 2 went!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

g-nome: you're so cruel

no-diesel: NOLAN!

junkadong: you're the one pimpin the ride (whatever that means).

anomoly: school is out ... i'll be sufferin for the 70% curve.

marsy: you're cruel to the big dopes, too.

VB: crafty devil.

jSprock: damn blog roller ...

diskO: gentlemen don't talk.

... but i do.

captain sassy pants said...

well when I see the velo bella jersey (I mean the ass in the shorts) I tend to speed up!!! And then an anemic anorexic Mexican passes you with an even better ass…that’s just wrong man. I did what I could to save face.

The protégé is back bitches!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hell yayuh