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Monday, August 14, 2006

how's that stupidity workin' for you?

maybe you heard about these two a-rab boys who got theyselves arrested on terrorism charges ...

The men were charged with soliciting or providing for an act of terrorism, money laundering in support of terrorism, and also with a misdemeanor charge of lying to police [DFP]

Turns out the authorities dropped all charges but ... 'lying to police.'

... two 20-year old kids buying and selling cell phones ~ arrested and charged as terrorists.

- - -

but we're safer now. we should be happy to give up a wee bit of freedom in purchase of said safety.


- - -
The case started on Tuesday when Houssaiky and Abulhassan -- star athletes at Fordson High School in Dearborn -- were pulled over for a minor traffic violation in Marietta, Ohio, near the West Virginia border.

Moments earlier, a suspicious store clerk had called police after they bought large numbers of cell phones.

... vigilant citizens calling in what they consider 'suspicious' activity is one thing ... but a DA charging terrorism with no evidence?

how do you spell idiot in Ohio?

wake me up when it's all over.


PAB said...

Ok. I'll wake you up.

But who is going to wake me up?

Merkeley Bike said...

All right you two...move along.

If we catch you sleeping here again we're going to have to run you down to the station house!

shawndoggy said...

I'll confess a little suspicion over the whole deal ... if all they were trying to do is "make some extra money over the summer," why lie to police (btw, the cited story doesn't say what they lied about, exactly)? And if we're going to hang Dr. Fuentes for having a cooler full of blood and 60,000 euros, I can see why the authorities would want to see WTF, exactly, a couple of 20 year old kids are doing with $11K in cash and a trunk full of cell phones. Where, exactly, is the profit in buying convenience-store prepaid phones in rural areas and re-selling them in urban areas. Something's fishy with that story.

I'm 35 years old, and I've never had more than about $800 in cash in my possession at any one time -- with the proliferation of electronic money we don't need to carry big wads of bills anymore. I'm naturally suspicious of anyone with a big wad of cash like that, and especially so of 20 year olds. Add in that it's undisputed that they had airline security procedures in the car, I'd sure like the authorities to check this out.

Where this whole thing went sideways is publicly annoucing the arrest of suspected terrorists intent on blowing up the Mackinac bridge. But that boner doesn't really belong to the anti-terrorism folks, it's a gaffe by a small town county prosecuter who probably didn't realize that the public announcement was going to land Al Jazeera in his receptionist's office for an interview.

jAndy donka-donk said...

What does cell phones and 11k in the trunk have to do with increasing prices of crude barrels and the overthrowing of anti American countries..... beyond me

There should be a rule that the comments cant be longer than the original post.....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

not when it's shawndoggie-style.

but, i do cringe again with some of your whitey-speak, s-dog.

to call the charge of a terrorist plot a 'gaffe?'

i see it as a symptom. we are losing this self-proclaimed war on terror. because we are infesting ourselves with a disease of fear.

the disease of fear is growing cancerous, ruling us. and this pathetic small city, smaller minded episode reeks of its sickened offal stank.

shawndoggy said...

all I'm sayin' is google "Washington county Ohio". Halls of Power its not.

Whitey-speak? Define.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

exactly ... it's 'the real america'.

it's everyday you and me.

it's like Hazelton, Penn.

it's like small towns in Texas.

it's like ... racist.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...