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Monday, August 14, 2006

abort, abort

Well ~ for the first time in longer than i can remember ... i'm having to shut down the system and do a hard-reboot. Sometimes, you've just got to throw up the white flag and surrender.

And so, no Cal Cup for this hombre. I haven't counted up the races this year, but it'll definitely be a good sum less than the 117 of last year. By Cyclocross' end ... it'll prolly be less than 90.

a light year.

It's time to sit back, take time off the bike and get fully healed from sickness and injury. I've never really been able to shut down racing for more than a few weeks ... be it running or triathlon or the cycling of nowadays. It's in my blood and it gives me too much joy to stay away from.

but, i've got to try. i've dug myself a nice deep hole to fester in and it will take a while to claw out of this bugger. But, once sunlight is reached ~ i do have running drills and cross techniqe work to look forward to.

it helps with the DTs.

... that and going on long, luxurious dirt rides with my woman.


diskzero said...

Bummer dude.  Take some time to recalibrate and I know you will be back stronger than ever.

I am bummed I only got to ride up one hill during a race with you this year and I didn't even get a chance to say hi, I was suffering so bad.

Maybe I will turn my fixie into a cross bike and see you on the dirt.  I don't know if I can swing yet another bike purchase.

PAB said...

no olaf = less fun at bike races.

"i'm a sad panda...."

velogirl said...

Well, shoot! But it takes a lot of strength to take time off. You know it's for the best. Be patience and enjoy all the things you haven't been able to do because of your busy training/racing schedule. Smell the roses, dude!

shawndoggy said...

I've been rebooting since the District TT. Racing is fun and all, but it was starting to take over to an uncomfortable degree. I'm back to training when I can sneak it in and hiking with the kids and getting the lawn mowed more than once a month. Beers with old friends, reggae shows, a little skateboarding... and skiing and snowboarding when the flakes fly. There's a lot to life off of the saddle too.

We'll see where I'm at next spring...

Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Ha, OV I had to pinch yourself at Patterson to see if you was real!

X Bunny said...

there was a rumor that you were in the break at the team can employ that strategy with all the races--"oh yeah, he's off the front...."

jAndy donka-donk said...

you still going to spectate the local crits?

I like the shittalkin before the start.....

nosajpalnud said...

you're getting old :)

blue screen of death = not good

hope you get a fresh reboot

rode the TRT with the honey and hung out in the mountains this weekend - nice break from racing

Last night I realized there is some serious deep fatigue in the legs built my quad was practically glued to my IT band on both sides and had some huge knots. Have to get rid of that or it = sloooower

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Gotta take care of those things before they get to far. One of the gals here didn't & she just learned she has pneumonia.

Enjoy the time off.

Nome Agusta said...

Smart man.

Gianni said...

The first few days are the hardest.

melissa said...

i had never taken time off either, olaf. it's been hard for me sometimes, but having those long, luxurious rides with your woman sound like the right medicine!

maybe you'll even find some blackberries, like i did yesterday on my ride. they're getting ripe, and they taste really good.


le petit lutin said...

ov, that will make your cyclocross season even better.
Relax and enjoy the time off with your honey.
We'll miss you out there!

Anonymous said...

come on... I was there. Yes, physically draining to say the least.

... and you were sick the previous week! Right.

Nancy Farzan said...

You are wise to take a break to let your body and mind renew. Best to do it on your own accord before it gets forced on you by some overtraining bug/injury.
Maybe you can take a bit of time to do some other (gasp) non bike related things like take your sweetheart to a museum :)

Velo Bella said...


no way

we're going dancin