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Monday, August 21, 2006

force majeure

so ~ we've got a final grant report due. a handful of years and a bucket full of BilltheGates' money later ... and what has been accomplished?

needs of health, freedom, stability a million miles away
fought for, preached to, thrown at.

and then i ~

read of a lovely auntie gone lost in her own mind.

hear the faint yelps and trills of the children
running wild in the manicured grasses a story floor below.

feel the greedy rumblings of the highway traffic
as it lurches forward,
surging for position
to be first.

a maddened, inevitable swarm.


X Bunny said...

do they not accomplish anything?

PAB said...

children don't trill.

they screech.


tribbles trill.

Nome Agusta said...

A child that is loved coos and laughs with the anticipation of his Dad's hug.

It was once said that one can't fight evil in the World, it can only be faught within.