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Monday, August 21, 2006

filthy rehab

there is nothing like a couple of long, luxurious dirt rides to sooth the savage beast.

in the past 3 months i've ridden more knobbilies than all the previous years combined. crazy talk ~ but, gotta say, i've never been as comfortable on the dirt as now. i'm so looking forward to getting my cross bike built up to test the madness.

for the past few years, my cross training has consisted of ... some running drills and racing my way into a pale 'semblance of technical ability.

lacking self-preservation brain cells
+ limited skillz
= bruised and battered hernando

in the past, i haven't had access or time to hit actual dirt for training ... just regular roadie-scum pedalins and the odd 'sweet jump' session over curbs and golf course jingas. i've never even taken cross all that seriously as a competitor, but loved it like a mistress in participation.

this year, it's time to accept the charges and race it as a fully initiated dedicant.



VeloRainDog said...

at first i thought that was a picture of me. but my tan lines are much less subtle.

mmm, 'cross!

nosajpalnud said...

how do you know what a mistress is like

i think you're in trouble again

PAB said...

I do hope that this new found "dedication" does not interfere with cocktail hours...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

trust me ... last nite we had cock-tails

Anonymous said...

Now your talk'n.... Santa Cruz is good for cross (as in the cycling discipline) training. Just make sure those foggy mornings do not keep you in bed too much. You'll be healed, motivated and fast in no time. Niscene is great for that steady 30min threshold interval (60 or so if you go to Santa Rosalia sp?) - don't cook yourself too soon though


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hell yeah, me n' Sabine luv the Niscene'erval. it's a weekly standard. hate riding at night, though ... so, we'll have to see what to do about that.

with taking August off, i don't see how it will be possible to cook myself.

this feels like cheating.

PAB said...

you don't like riding at night?

Have you ever tried it using a headlight?

I bet yer honey likes night rides...

Anonymous said...

OV, For all of us, please elaborate on your cock-tales!

Velo Bella said...

Between the two of us we fill up a drawer with head and bar lights of random sizes and types.

I wouldn't be unhappy if I never needed any of them again.