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Monday, August 07, 2006


Benny JackMayonaisse crushed it out at the local watering hole last week while i was on my deathbed.

He says he did it all bad-ass old school with no aero advantages. But i have it from skeptical and distinct sources that he, in fact, had 2 tailwinds, a bubble helmet, and one of these guys pacing him up the climb.

It's painfully obvious that he is lookin' for a smack-down. So, I've decided to challenge him to ... karoake.

I'm gonna go all BeeGees on him n' stuff.

- - -


holey shit folks, that boy is on good form. Come'on now friends, let's throw out some love for the locals. Remember, you can write to those that choose dollar signs and make a bit of difference.


Brent Chapman said...

yah.. he had a lead out man. Did pretty good himself.
But BJM.. crushed it.

Benjaminiac said...

i admit, i did have a big spaceballs helmet, but training wheels on the road bike counts as "Merckx" in all the books i've read.

might have been the new SRAM SRM cranks?

and i took the escalator up the climb.

BeeGee's? i can't wait to hear your falsetto.

diskzero said...

Tivo caught some fun BJM action from an NRC race a couple of months ago.  That guy seems to be in every break.