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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hey ... wanna do somethin' cool?

well then ... i've got a suggestion for you.

ya see, GoBenGo is having himself a bit of a stell year, yo. And, there's a chance some euro-sleeze team is gonna want to snatch up an American Idol for their own marketing devices.

we don't want that.

So, if you're lookin' to pool-up some karma points ... why don't you take a minute to scribble & shoot a lil' note o' demand to his current team's honchos? You know ... send off a word or two that we'll buy all the doo-das and gadgets that BennyJ is promotin'. Send a note of support for a guy who makes it cool to race clean and works hard to support his wife n' nipper.

that kind of thing, you dig?

Here, I'll even throw down a rough draft for you to work off of:

Dear Cycling Guy,

Please offer BennyJackMaynard a huge sum of money to continue riding for your team. He is my favorite of all bike riders even though he kind of dresses like a 'tard sometimes and takes entirely too many Kodak pic's of his sickeningly cute kid.

In return, I will break out the cash and purchase a ton of your fine brew n' pics (but since i don't drink, I'll have to donate it to the "Make Hernando's Belly Nice n' Poochy" supply).


Right on. That's the shit that gets you into the Book of Cool and I'm sure Goldi thanks you from the bottom of her diaper bag.



ps. bike racing is f'in hard, bruthas n' sistahs. ... and that ain't no joke.

SNKG Cycling:
General Manager Robin Zellner:

Operations Manager Kurt Stockton:

Marketing Manager Josh Kadis:


lyne said...

GO Ben GO !

Miss Mary said...

i'll go write my letter now

we want to keep the JM clan local for sure

Chico Cyclist said...

I'm on it.....

pink fishnets said...

Looks like some people have other ideas for Ben's future!

Jed said: said...

But goldi's practicing up to become a girona trophy wife I think....