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Monday, July 03, 2006

racing hotness

So ~ since the Bella went all big and manly over on her site, i think i'm going to have to counter with some soft and sexy ova here.

I present to you ~ some of la femme fatales:

- - - - - - -

Nicole Cooke ~ she's won the rainbow stripes, races all over the world, snagged her own national road race like ... 7 times. And, she just won herself the TourdayFrance for women.

She wins in sprints, in breaks, stage races ... i'm sorry, but that's just a dominant chicka.

me likey.

Let's go Canadian and talk about Lyne Bessette. This woman road everything and challenged everyone ... all the time remaining a class act.

I loved seeing her pre-ride a cross course ~ she was polite, professional, and always cheerey and open to those she came in contact with.

Hell yeah, that's hot. I hope she comes out of retirement for some of the X-races this year.

And, on the American home front ~ one of my favorites is the hottie from Cali who won her National Championship jersey last year with a perfectly timed attack late in the race.

Kathryn Curi has overcome injuries and crashes this year and I think she'll have an excellent 2nd half of the season. Here's hoping the Webcor women use her to her fullest potential.


Going Eastern Bloc ~ there's Ina Teutenberg ...

... uh

well ...

she's really, really fast ~ so that's hot.

I'm pretty sure.

And lastly ~ gotta throw out a little love for that Kiwi-treat, Sarah Ulmer. She dominated Fitchburg this year by winning 3 stages in a row, including lapping the field solo in the final criterium.

oh baby ... now that is smokin hot!

and that accent?

just wanna pour chocolate on that and dig in.


Velo Bella said...

Sarah is just the cutest thing. One of those happy people that you just enjoy being around.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Kevin - could you shoot me an email?

pedalhome at hotmail

Lula-La Lula-Hula said...

Uhmmm....soft and sexy.... ME :)

Nate Rogers said...

ina's legs are as wide as her shoulders...and as wide as my torso. and both of my legs put together.

L. Christmas said...

nice counter!

Chico Cyclist said...

I dig it!! I have to say, too, I really like Michelle Beltran.....although I don't hear much about that Cheerwine Team. Are they still racing???

Jed said: said...


So hot.

Ippoc Amic said...

That pic of Kathryn Kuri is so cool.

Great posting...and what about Judith Arndt? World champion and Olympian. Rebecca Twigg can't be forgotten either.

boots said...

Nice list. What aboot Audrey, eh? One of teh coolest chix i know. Makes her own clothes, played drums in a punk band, Canadian U23 champ, and is damn funny.

marscat said...

don't forget dede demet barry

Nate Rogers said...

judith arndt is too much of a poor sport...ill never forget her flippin the bird at the 2004 olympics. real class act.

ginmtb said...

I slack off on my hottie of the month postings and oV takes over. Thanks for keeping it alive...

Lula-La Lula-Hula said...

Ok, my legs are two chicken it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yes, but they are soft and sexy ... so it's ok.