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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

3 broken clAV-icUles

Freddy's out with a snappage.

Dekker's gone with another breakage.

and Valverde lost to bone crackage.

Le Tour ... more drama than you can shake a stick at, baby.

- - -

With the exit of Valverde, the race becomes even more of a throttle-fest now. These next stages all look to be sprinter-fests ... but, how many more GC contenders will we lose to crashes?

So nervous.

This high stress in the first week is going to grind down on the riders. I'm tellin' you, it's the guys who handle the pressure that will be able to shine in that 3rd week. The explosions are going to be so, so spectacular.

what a race. this is shaping up to be my favorite Tour in years.

such a geek!


Velojuice said...

My propeller is spinning too! What a race, this is way better then "All my children"! Valverde out (so sad), Basso's swiss bank accounts, Freddis goes down! Man, whew! Time to go ride and pretend I am Kessler.

Chris said...

Geez, man...I think you were on to something with the Commesso prognostication.

Flandria said...

too bad for Valverde...

Skibby said...

This tour is proof that cycling is bigger than the names, it seems that no matter who is there or not there, it is still so compelling. I watch each stage over and over, check cycling news over and over, I can't get enough!!! Now, who's the favorite? Landis? Savodelli? Evans? How about the green jersey: Boonen?, McEwen, Hushovd? Amazing!

nosajpalnud said...

Crazy race in the tour yesterday - have not heard anything about Zabel yet, but he has a broken vertebrae - yikes. Good to see a solo break take it - very cool.

Is your guy ok from Davis? Did not see exactly who it was that went down.

nosajpalnud said...

edt: - meant O'grady, but crap Zabel gets a flat with less than 2K to go.

Flandria said...

Boonen still in yellow!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yowza - McEwen wins another one.

talk about stickin' to the big boys.

nosAL ~ that was Bennett who blew out a tire on a corner, apparently. he's ok, sounds like.

hot out there for ya?

Nome Agusta said...

Hey that "New Scribblens" thing that comes up on your links is pretty cool.

nosajpalnud said...

looked like everyone else went around and he had his hand up - glad he's ok

well the heat was not an issue and in fact was cooler than I expected. Thermolyte's work pretty good for me. Rode like crap though in the corners this weekend for some reason(a little skittish), then just screwed up again with a 1 lap to go...had a free ride to the front then paused a bit toooooo much this time. I think Baker had pretty much seeled it - he hit it really hard....At least I had the sense to sit up and not go for a stupid 15th place.
Vaca was a little better but still got out front a little too early and missed "the move". Shit will click sooner or later (maybe Lafayette or Minden :) - more practice is in order.