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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Levi to Disco?

Isn't he Disco enough with those vulcan magoo shades?

If the sponsor is yelping for some American riders, sure wouldn't mind if Bruyneel picked up some young American talent to develop.

maybe that's not what it's about, though.
ah well.


Dan Cleary said...

Levi-nator? Ully is saying he ain't opposed to chattin' it up with Disco also (

Crazy stuff

Jed said: said...

Who'd be good young american talent to bring on board?

Again, competing at a Pro Tour level (just a bit different than even racing at a Tour of California level)

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

if you don't know now, there's no sense in educating you.

quit begging at the scraps from the kids table and open your eyes to the sport.

young riders are there to be developed.

in the men and (gasp) women's ranks of the US.

Jed said: said...


give me a fucking break. I was asking a question.

Who would that young talent be in the men's ranks? These teams are pretty good at culling talent, don't you think? When they see it, they go after it.

And please, preach on to me about women's cycling. Please. Go on with your bad self.

Who pissed in your cornflakes?

Jed said: said...

Just as an aside, I was curious as to who'd be able to actually compete in Europe that was:

a. Young (U26)
b. American
c. not already on a PT team

So I figure that good results are a pretty fine indicator of how someone would do with an "upgrade" (i.e. learn the game, get results, ride at the front, in breaks, etc.) in the USA.

Because, after all, according to you, there's no reason for one to upgrade (4-3, 3-2, Domestic-international pro, etc) if they're not ready for it.

So I did a little look into the NRC standings as of, like, today.

Goddamn if there isn't too much young american talent there.

If they are smart, they'd pick both Ryan and Barry up. Ryder's coming along well and all..only took him 2 seasons.

That's the only (young) american talent.

And yes, i am all fan-boy and would love to see BJM get picked up by a big team. I've brought his name up many a time sitting at the kid's table, especially during ToC. But then again, I'd just be Rah Rah, now wouldn't I?

Velo Bella said...

The talent you go after depends upon your interests. Are they short term (i.e. next year) wins or longer term investments?

I think its obvious the answers to these when we see the choices various teams make.

Flandria said...

Disco does have an American development team...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"At 7/25/2006, Jed said: said...

It's because women aren't as smart as men."

... hey jed, how's it feel to have your chain yanked back.

gawdamn, i crack myself up.

Velo Bella said...

Justin England
Brent Bookwalter
Craig Lewis
Zak Grabowski
Lucas Euser

Flandria said...

i am looking for the ad I saw in a magazine because I remember asking myself why they are they using Specialized bike instead of Trek. This was a year ago...will have to look for that ad. I thought that was cool concept.

Velo Bella said...

The Discovery U23 team is partially sponsored by Discovery and mostly by the USAC foundation.

But they are definately not the same things. They even have different equipment sponsors.

Jed said: said...


Justin England
Brent Bookwalter
Craig Lewis
Zak Grabowski
Lucas Euser

I totally agree about those kids, but Jonathan Vaughters has different ideas (which is WAY cooler than disco, IMHO) to develop them...get them into SMALL euro races and U23 events, then get them into some biggies and let them spread their wings type of thing...

...and "Cref" (team name may change) has a big huge backer that wants to see american youth cycling go forward.

We already pretty much dominate the sport from a country standpoint in the PT, anyhow...not overall, but we have consistently pretyt much the best riders I'd say...

I much prefer TIAA-CREF's way of developing talent over a PT teams (unless you're talking about one of the big development programs like Rabo or Lotto's).

Oh, and ishares, from what I understand, is going to do a neo-pro team (D3) here in the USA next year as a development feeder program. So that rocks too.

Jed said: said...

OH yeah.

England--never got the shot he deserved with health net. Should go to Cref. Don't think United is good for him.

Bookwalter. Good job on Priority Health. he should upgrade to a better continental team to give him more support.

Grabowski--Another to go to Cref so that at least they are guaranteed of winning the U23 jersey at Georgia and CA.

Cref kids--stay where you are!

Velo Bella said...

I didnt say whether i think these kids SHOULD go to a team like Disco. Just providing a short list of young talent.

Jed said: said...

Oh yeah, try this one on for size.....

Jan to Disco for one last Tour to rule them all.


Read about it on espn, so it must be true.

Chris said...

THe 49ers really wanted to keep going after MOntana left, too.

Lothar Glerbny said...

I think I heard iShares was going to take title of Phonak next year.

Another US ProTour team?

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