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Monday, July 31, 2006

California Cup

Here in the land of grapes, both sweet and sour, we have ourselves a year-ender known as the Cal Cup.

It's a series of classic venues that have been running for years upon years and a win in any is a coveted little prize ... the winning of the whole enchilada is seen as a mark upon a solid year and reason enough to 'case the ender with a bender, or two.

We of the UnSafeWay are going to give it a go.

sounds like fun.


nosajpalnud said...

I like the changes to Winters/Dunnigan

PAB said...

Dunnigan is gonna be a big windy gutterfest of fun!

X Bunny said...

you told me how fun that race was but never mentioned the 'windy gutterfest'

why is this both a surprise and not at the same time?!

Gianni said...

Windy Gutterfest- mmmmm.