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Monday, June 05, 2006

well ... is this a theme?

i know how transparent this 'constitutional amendment' shit is about banning gay marriage. i know it's pure rah-rah by the repubes to get out their idiotic base voters to the polls come this non-presidential election date ...

i know it, and still ~ when i hear that king of retards Bush get on the microphone and talk so intently on why America needs to protect itself from 'activist judges' i just wanna ... spit.

it drives me crazy to think people are that ... stupid.

and yes, if you are someone who thinks a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages is a good idea ... you are stupid. you are stupid in a way that has cows shaking their heads.

and tony snow ... he's stupid, too.

- - -

Simoni retracted his accusation of Basso trying to buy him off for that stage of the GYRO. I know he's cute n' all, and nobody strings a towel around his neck any suave'r ... but damn, that dude can talk out his ass sometimes.

i know the feeling.

- - -


Velo Bella said...

you can string a towel all suavelike too?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

get me a glass a wine and i sure as hell will try.

shawndoggy said...

Calling the gay-marriage amendment supporters stupid, even if you do it in a particularly humorous way, is still the easy way out. Many clearly are not stupid, yet they hold this belief which offends logic. The real Q is how did they get there and can their minds be changed?

X Bunny said...

whatever you want to call them
maybe stupid isn't the best name
bigot works too

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

The real Q is how did they get there

because they are stupid.

and can their minds be changed?

it should be beaten out of them.

shawndoggy said...

Define stupid. You can't say "people who don't think like me".

If we are talking about ignorant people who manifest fear because "someone in authority" tells them to, well, that's pretty understandable. Humans aren't really guided by logic.

Consider a more vitriol-neutral issue: Many parents I know spend countless hours fretting over some unknown boogieman chester molester that's gonna come abduct their kids... when they really ought to be worried about putting helmets on them before the get on a bike and a seat belt before the car moves. But the talking head on TV doesn't mention that stuff day in and day out, and they don't have bike helmet fittings at the mall next to the "get your kid's finger prints" campaign. No "amber alerts" for helmetless or unbuckled kids, yo.

Point being that these "stupid" people prolly weren't born that way and it may be possible to edjumicate (some of) them away from the fringe.

Johnny Sprocket said...

So according to you, I should be concerned when I jumped off the single speed today and had a full blown conversation with a cow. The cow won the debate by the way. It could be that I'm a repub or it could be that I was on the single speed. No deraileur no brain kind of thing.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

single-speeders aren't stupid,

they just don't think right.

- - -

in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, 'stupid is as stupid does.'

- - -

i find no middle ground with bigots.


that, and obviously, i'm in a sour mood today.

Velojuice said...

Ok, I am as hetro as the next guy..well most guys. I mean I got the spose and kids and what not to at least prove I am deeply entrenched in the closet. But damn, stupid seems to be a hot button but it makes me want to go out and marry myself s dude just to boycott this hole thing. I mean come on. Where can you quantitativly show me that same sex marraige is harming our country? Vs. say... oh I don't know, Abrhamoff, Delay, and that congressdude with the cash on ice. Devert attention, ignore the man behind the curtain. "Stupid is as stupid does"

PAB said... resist the urge....


there, I said it. and it felt good.


shawndog makes a good point. the government and the media seem to promote fear at every opportunity. and it is mostly nonsense.

I have no idea how people can not see the logic of the gay marriage arguement.

Some time back there was a poll done (by CNN, I think...) as to whether or not the words "under god" in the Pleadge of Allegience were a violation of the separation between church and state. 88% said no. Same with "in god we trust" on our country's currency.

I have no idea how those people can logically come to that conclusion.


so yeah, education. but even if the schools are teaching logical thinking (which, I might add, is not always the case), the bombardment from other sources is so great....


shawndoggy said...

so yeah, education. but even if the schools are teaching logical thinking (which, I might add, is not always the case), the bombardment from other sources is so great....

Lots of other sources for education than schools. Really, I suspect that some of those alternative sources are the root of the gay marriage stuff.

Logic isn't playing a role. It's fear. Of what, not sure, but it's fear.

I'm just sayin' don't write off bakersfield yet...

PAB said...


what's that?

you are right about other sources of education. and that they are the source of a lot of problems...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you know Shawndoggy wanted to go into Public Defense ... there just wasn't enough glamour.

VeloRainDog said...

my how times have changed.

Hick said...

Ya know there are stupid people on both sides of every topic.

Also, There is NO seperation of church and state clause in the constitution.

It was brought up as an IDEA in a letter in the context of Government controled religion, not a faith based government.

Find a copy of the Const. and read it thinking of the mindset of the times writen and then think.

Not a hard project.

That being said OV and I had a lil convo on the way to Hamilton and I would sum up like this.

ALL, good hearted people fall very close together on nearly every topic of policy. Polititions widen that gap with their idiotic babble to sway the people who just dont have a care or have a clue to come out and vote.

Gay Marriage, I'm not a big fan but then I'm not gay. Do I think it should be banned. NO.
Who does it hurt? Not me.

Stupid is and stupid does and at times I do

Simoni.......whinner but i'd do him, he's sexy :)

Was that gay?

Velojuice said...

I like it McSass. Well put, all substance no fluff, other then Simoni's hair.

Wild Dingo said...

you spelled "stoooopid" wrong.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


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