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Monday, June 26, 2006

the theory of relativity

And so ... Hamilton and JaniPoo may be linked to Operation Puerco in Spain.

What ~ like 30-40K euros a year for the good doc's prescriptions? Meow, baby ... that's a good chunk of kitty litter. But, as the doc said ~ he never harmed any of his patients.


And then there's loon-boy Lemond, stating: "Lance threatened me ... He threatened my wife, my business, my life. His biggest threat consisted of saying that he (Armstrong) would find ten people to testify that I took EPO."

Hey man, your brother-in-law shot you in the back. At least Lance warned you.

- - -

You know, people sure do know how to be 10 different kinds of stupid, all at once.

Meanwhile, Israel is on the brink of a full-scale military invasion of Palestine ... again. This time because some badboys busted through an underground tunnel and killed them off a couple of non-gentiles. Kicker is that they took one as hostage.

double oy.

It's on in the promised land.

- - -

I prefer the harmless blood doping.


Nome Agusta said...

It's gettin to be regawdamndiculous.

Hick said...


Lets look at things in the proper perspective.

Silly humans get it wrong all the time.


shawndoggy said...

It is an interesting lesson on the fleeting nature of "truth," though.

The Sage said...

The Lemond thing should be no surpirse. He stated the same thing on ESPN outside the lines 3 years ago. Again, in the book Armstrong's Wars. Also in other interviews as well. Same with his wife.

Yeah at least Lance did warn him....but we all know Greg, pre led, could have taken Armstrong any day of the week. Had not been for the led...could have easly been the first 6 time Tour Champ.

Velojuice said...

Lemond sounds like a bitter old man, his fastest le tour TT not withstanding. Though have a hint we may be calling him the wise old man someday.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Lemond vs Armstrong?

different times, different challenges, different drugs.

I sure do admire Lemond's hutzpah for breaking into the EuroPeloton, though.

and, no matter what happens, Lance has changed the mindset of cancer patients world wide.

- - -

silly doped up biker boys.

Velojuice said...

True dat. I still have my livestrong yellow on and have from the start the movement is all good. I only wish life were more perfecter.

X Bunny said...

too much
too much
make the real world stop