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Friday, June 23, 2006

Mr. Pink's fancy umbrella

For those who cruise the innards of Satan Cruz ... they will know what I'm talkin' about.

"Mr. Umbrella"

"Mr. Pink"

"Fukkin Faggot"


People address him a number of different ways. My favorite was heard today, as I waited for a toasted bagel to be handed over ... "you are awesome." It was a college-aged young woman walking past with a friend, sleek bookbags slung fashionably across unweighted, tanned shoulders.

Apparently, Mr. Pink's story runs a few years in the making. He used to wear trash bags and signs that denounced the existence of god. Word has it he ran for president on a platform of legalized drugs, the right to bear arms, human equality, anti-animal rights, and hotels on the moon.

... that'll get you some votes.

At some point he had a change of personality politics and began donning the pink, the umbrellas, and the perma-pasted smile. Nowadays he takes itty-bitty steps down the streets of the SC, smiling and occassionally rising eyebrows in greet and recognition.

It's been said he was a NASA engineer that looned out and now rummages around sanity as best he can.

Me...? I just think he's pretty.


Velo Bella said...

When the physically ill roll around in wheelchairs and respirators, people want to help and hold telethons.

When the mentally ill roll around as they tend to roll around, people grab hold of their children and walk on the other side of the street.

Mr Pink has found a way to way to roll, that doesn't scare people so much. (although that pasted on clown smile is somewhat creepy)

X Bunny said...

interesting fellow
thanks for sharing his story and the pictures

Dan Cleary said...

do you ever think he feels burdened to always wear pink. does he dream to rebel once in a while with a fancy shade of orange?

look at us, we aren't much different. we dress in pretty colored lycra outfits every day.

yeah, i'll take a good nut anyday over a bad bush.

The Coalition of One Against Too Much Pink said...

Word on the street is that he hopes his "pink" platform will win him votes to join either Velo Girls or Velo Bella. Before he becomes a Bella, I'll have to talk to him about the virtues of black.

X Bunny said...

i agree that while pink is great, it should be in limited quantities

Dan Cleary said...

"...while pink is great, it should be in limited quantities" Yeah, tell that to my 6yr old daughter

velogirl said...

He's putting those Velo Girls to shame! I think he'd probably make a better right in with all you crazy girlies with your wild flair.

Anonymous said...

I believe his name is Robert.

marscat said...

he's a hottie...there's a guy in SF who is all red
skin, clothes, shoes, socks...He's the Red Man. haven't seen him for a while tho

Nome Agusta said...

Xbunny, I think Groovy T would argue that there is never too much pink.
We just got back from the bike shop where she purchased a Pink jersey to match her pink bike.

nicknameless said...

hey pinkie you need to add a d to your url