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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Speaking of big races ...

Today is the 2nd event in the Triple Crown shahoonigans ...
It's a million buck payout for any MAN who wins all three of the slices.  Many think the pot is safe in the bank now that Jackson won the first round.  But, you just never can tell.  Odds are a fair bit low, but it's nice to even have the odds in your camp at all.
Of course, the women don't get the big triple-threat payout ... Ina already staked out the first two races, it looks like.  Ah well ... maybe one day we'll have the women grabbin' the headlines, too.
Sunday is the Manleeyuke race in Philly ... no longer the USPRO champyships.  Interesting.  That's one race I've never done and sho' nuff did want to.  Love to feel the roar of the throng up that wall.  yummy.  ride outta your gourd in situations like that.
crowd magic.

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Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oooo ... CN has live coverage.

gonna be hittin' the refresh button today.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but FYI: Kern Results are up.
Heather R

Anonymous said...

so on topic.

right on.

Chris said...

All about Lagutin and his mad-attacks in the last few K. Watch him Sunday, I predict Uzbek food on the menu in Philly!