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Thursday, June 22, 2006

my morning with Doc Watson

Flat, low-ceiling buildings. Brown everywhere. Brown carpeting, fake brown-ish bricks hemming in a stunted almost green arboretum. Brownly woodened paneling on more than a few walls running down chaotic halls that shoot off micro-rooms for examinations, prognostications, and pressure checks.

Doc Wat is ok ... not a dim bulb assembly-lining me down the aisle. And, he actually took some time to sit and chat for awhile. Mostly he wanted to know about public health policy in Africa. Christ man, not on the first date.

But ... then he brought up what a fella of my age and inclination needs to worry about ~ health-wise. There were checkups for the future discussed and tests for the now considered. A few questions, a few prods ... a bit of what I had expected.

He said I was fine, and wouldn't need to worry about colons or prostates for more than a few years to come. He said something about a "finger test" - and my mind kind of spun out for a second in surprise.

Finger test?

... thank the buddha that doesn't start until 50.

I think I know what he meant by it ... and I can tell you, I don't want it unless he's buying drinks first.

- - -

But, he did check me for the Lance cancer.

... awkward!

- - -

Overall, it wasn't that bad and I think i lucked into finding a guy who's pretty coolio-competent in case there's a disastro-accident that falls, piano like, on my noggin.


X Bunny said...

hmmm--bad news
finger test starts at 40

and i think he liked you because you really are at the tail end of the age bracket for the lance cancer risk....

and dammit--i expected pictures!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

pics are coming.

and yes, he seemed quite adamant about the Lance test ...

tetnus shot and x-ray for wrist, too.

of course, won't know about wrist until Monday. He recommended not racing this weekend.

... yeah, right.

marscat said...

ooh sounds tres not fun...but then neither
are stirrups.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Better make those drinks doubles.

X Bunny said...

boys tend to whine but girls have it worse when it comes to this stuff

and there's no debate on this one

ginmtb said...

My doctor wasn't available for the Lance test... but his nurse practitioner was... yeah baby!!!

Jed said: said...

have soni do it.

That'd be hot.

Aren't you racing up in neee-vad-er?

Anonymous said...

Da Finger test......

I have 3 more years to wait.....nice

I think I'll check myself first so I wont feel so weird in the office. Is that ok?

Glad you found a good Dr.

Mine is cool like that, taught me how to GIVE myself stitches as well as remove them since I used to go in for that ALOT. Hooked me up with my own lil kit and everything. NICE.

Sorry to hear you have to change hands until Monday. :)

Velo Bella said...

You having trouble seeing the lines?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, x bunny's right, the fisting...I mean finger test, starts at 40. Shit, I'm 41. Putting that one off, my doc has hands like he worked a jack hammer for 25 years...yikes. What happens if ya like it? Order me up one lance test and a finger test all in the same day, might need a smoke after that. And yeah, gals got it worse, in more ways than this. No envy there.

X Bunny said...

i'm available, jed
but i'm expensive

X Bunny said...

what is the deal with not getting XR results until mon?

if you took the xr today he should be able to get you the results by tomorrow, at the latest

let me know if you need me to kick his ass....

Jed said: said...


Apparently, since I don't get what the fuck you're talking about.


Velo Bella said...

Friday would be great. But apparently some doctors don't work on Fridays

X Bunny said...

the telephone still works on fridays

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i've heard you on the phone on a friday ...

sassy bunnyDoc

X Bunny said...

i thought you were talking about xrays

when all you really want is a vicodin refill...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


actually, it was viagra.