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Monday, June 19, 2006

i'm sick

ok ... so, maybe not sick ~ in the snotty nosed, coughing yellow stuff sense of the word. But, if you're wrist isn't as limp as it usually is and there's some swelling that just causes a bit of discomfort ... can't you take a couple hours sick leave?


yes i can.

- - -

I don't mind getting hosed on the NevCity results, but could you at least spell my name correctly? ah well. It's better than poor DJSneady, he got kicked down as 31st when he was ahead of me a place. That's a fair bit of robbery there for the kid. And they didn't even get poor Neddy Overend in there. So, instead of us all being in the top half of the placings, we're last of the losers or not even in there at all. So be it. Either you win, or you're everybody else. Still, stings a bit with all that work being done.

Speaking of Neddy ... yeah, he beat me, too. But hell, he's 50 and it was my second race of the day ... i call that a draw (in neverland).

Still, the worst of the lot had to be dunkadonk ~ on the parade lap, some youngin' overlapped wheels and went down on the top side of the course. It was one of those 15mph crashes. But, everyone was all bunched together and sometimes you just can't avoid the carnage. I lucked out and scooted around the guy (bottle in hand, no less), but dunka went right down on him.


apparently he chased back on, then had to stop and adjust brakes, chase back on, stop and fix brakes again ... you know how it goes. No free lap at NevCity, even on the parade. So, his race was over before he had a chance to even give it a go.

- - -

all right, locals only posting for today ... you foreigners need to update us californicators on what's up in your neck o'. Meanwhiles, i'm heading home to ice up this wrist and suck down a brewski, or 5.

later then,



PAB said...

uh, excuse me, are you, uh, Mr. Hernay?

The doctor seems to think that you have may been suffering from "one-of-those-days" syndrome.


The beer and the ice should help. And don't wait until thursday if you think that wrist needs to be looked at...

PAB said...

ps--whyisit that the results are so jacked up every year at Nevada City?


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

those results are always screwed up because you have so many riders all over the course, lapping eachother, catching back to groups, falling out ... it's the nature of the beast.

gonna ice and see how the wrist does.


Velo Bella said...

women's results are wrong too...even after I "officially" corrected them for them.

Velo Bella said...


They called Ned OVerend "edmund"

X Bunny said...

nothing for me to say as doctor pab has all the advice....

sure been a lot of sick time in the last couple weeks....

i think some massage might be a good idea--not the wrist--parts that don't hurt quite that bad

shawndoggy said...

I sorta felt bad about not racing yesterday, esp for something so close. Now not at all.

I'm not a phenomenal descender and I'm certainly not a phenomenal climber. That 50 mph left just sketches me out. Instead I had a fathers day Monopoly marathon with the kiddos then watched Jan TT through his own personal rainstorm to bring back the TdS in a 30K TT. Topped it off with a coupla runs down the street on the longboard. All in all a pretty good Father's Day.

Arse a little bigger, but all skin intact = personal victory

PAB said...

let's see,
Olaf = bigsissy

that's like saying,
PAB = small and graceful

expect incoming blog ammo...

Velo Bella said...

I like how you can see Nancy in this photo
and Russ in this one

Chico Cyclist said...

Micheal Hernay. Hmmmm. I like Olaf Vanderhoot better.

Man, sorry about the wrist - that is horrible. I wasn't gonna bring this up, but I have a need to:

How's the Frayer????

nicknameless said...

ha..thats pretty cool. I bet they had a little giggle over their sycronicity

Anonymous said...


You taint until you get cheescake in Cycling News.

All that hard work finally paying off baby.

ginmtb said...

Okay, this confirms why I don't do road races (oh, and the fact that I'm slow, and that there isn't a Cat 9 category might be factors too).

Get them wrists mo' bettah!

le petit lutin said...

Take care of those wrists and listen to your doctor...