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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

all the time in the world

sittin' here ... singin' the songs with my woman

it's all good and the world goes 'round n 'round,
in peace and thumpin' harmony.

bring it on.

- - -

time is given
quiet is noticed
and the friends are thunk of

with ... pleasure.

- - -

what is important in your life?

what has meaning?

what pushes you past bi-monthly payments and
squinty eyed snapshots of
clogged commutes,
scowling checkout clerks,
fatigue covered walls?

what blooms open your eyes

to a view of the clear night sky,
signaling you to breathe in
the clarity

the crispness

the soft silhouettes of mysterious things
known in the day
treasured in the night.

tell me about them.


Velo Bella said...

Can I whisper them to you?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that sent a shiver up my spine.


PAB said...

ok, since this post is being ignored, and i kinda like it, here's a couple of my likes:

i like important messages that are made extra clear by understating them.

and i like it when people treat each other with respect.


the second one, especially, has seemed a bit hard to come by lately.

PAB said...

oh, and i like going around in little circles over and over and over again on my bicycle.

the rest me and the bunny will show you in Saptember.

X Bunny said...

thanks, pab
i was having trouble expressing anything coherent for this post, but i liked it too

we had the same thoughts about september and i sooo look forward to that

and when you start taking away all the things that don't matter, all that is left for me is love

PAB said...


shawndoggy said...

The view from a mountain top at dawn.

A hike up an ephemeral drainage in spring, when the air is just getting warm and the stream is raging.

Watching a child take a risk.

A full fledged unabashed silly and infectious belly laugh from a child. Oh man, you know, the ones where you laugh so hard you think you'll cry or pee your pants. I'm sure each of us can remember one of those... a like defining moment when you least expect it.