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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

126 seconds

silly work.

don't they understand that I need time for scribbles?

time to ruminate, cogitate, and dream of days to come, nights flown by, moments flirting past my window right this moment?

are they not hip to the muse's timetable?

... and so ~ i stifle song,
mouthing the words in mental silence,
not giving shape or cause to their form or meaning.

hoping, one day, for time
to release.


Nome Agusta said...

On the topic of doping, gene or otherwise, I say we go to categories similar to some auto racing events.

1. Stock
2. Modified (only dopes little)
3. Super Modified (dopes a lot)

the old bag said...


get it...

X Bunny said...

call in sick!

PAB said...

hey, you ARE the kid....