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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

pot calls kettle black

a-yup ... went on a group ride tonite.


But, the motivation levels were too low to hit the necessary highs of intensity ... so, had to take a few nibbles on that sour fruit.

had moments of sinful yummy, though ... gotta admit.

- - -

So, maybe a dozen show up for a Tuesday niter ... starts from some Piggly-Wiggly Mart in Aptos, or Soquel or whichever of these lil' beacher villages that run along the coast of Satan Cruz. I got an anonymous tip that this ride was all good and so decided to trust out the 'mmendation. And, after the long miles at Hamilton on Sunday, then the 2 crits on Monday ... I was ready to finish off this month's training block with a wee-bit of fire-hyrdrant sprayin' amongst the spandex-clad.

And, it was kind of cool to meet some of the locals. Good blokes who I'd never have a chance to chat with otherwise. That's worth the price of admission, I'd say. Anyway, the pace was on the deep-fried side over a few rollers and a high-pitched effort, or two when ... you guessed it, we had ourselves a lil' smash n' crash.


Now, sometimes it's just your turn to take the rash, you dig? But, sometimes there are decisions that might have made a difference in the outcome. And so, that's bike ridin', I suppose. Anyway, this brutha got the short end of a pothole not pointed out well enough and a set of brakes yanked on a little too well.

ah well.

He went down and we pulled it over to make sure he was on the better side of it all. Range of motion checked out, senses were 5x5, and his bones were all pointed in the right direction ... guy was a tough one and took the fall about as well as anyone can. It was good to see and everyone breathed out a solid sigh of relief.

He took the short path on home with a compadre and the rest of us wanks turned back to the bottle and finish off the merry-making. The testosterone poured copious-like and the meat was measured in chunks. You know the score.

For me, it was a devil's soft-pitch of a way to finish off a training block needed and so served its purpose in spades.

thank the buddha I don't have to do that anymore.


PAB said...

Piggies market, mmm. I had a great sandwich or three there in the past.

training is good.

crashes suck.

PAB said...

oh, and the cartoon made the bunny snort.

X Bunny said...

meat and a group ride all in the same week

be careful
if you suddenly start feeling like there aren't enough doors at your place, you'll know you've gone too far

ginmtb said...

See, he's making his way over from the Dark Side...

Anonymous said...

I dont know you anymore......sob sob sob.

Nice toon, eh

Nome Agusta said...

Crashes on group/training rides are UNACCEPTABLE! No excuses.
Glad everyone is OK.

Anonymous said...

Top step?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oops. if it's about Hutchy not makin' the podeeum shot ... that's 'cause he had to split to make it home in time to hide it from the CIA.

Tracy, apparently, fell for it.

if you're referring to BennyJ topping out in the p1/2 ... he just got lucky.


the old bag said...


contents of post...
about a, peni...hmmmm...yes, definitely about a pe...

I gotta go read again

Anonymous said...

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