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Thursday, May 25, 2006

poor Vino & other ramblins

Liberty Seguros terminates their cycling program immediately ... le ouch.
Will one of the invitees pick up Vino's contract? Will this shatter Vino's Tour preparation? Will he get nabbed in the doping scandal?

... 200 bags of blood marked for riders? Anaebolic steroid doses?


- - -

Bessette retires after too much a the crashy-crashy. That's kinda a bummer ... she seemed a bit of a class act. Never really spoke to her much, though. But damn, she could sho' nuff ride a bike fast.

- - -

Schumacher hit 68km an hour in the sprint in today's Giro ... after a long breakaway?

That shit better'a been downhill with tailwind. 42+ mph ???

le double ouch.

- - -

So last night i meets up with the woman for a post-work ridey-ride. We're doing extended intervals and since I've already got some miles in the bag, I sit on her for most of it. Then, after a bit o' hard effort, I ask her to get on my wheel and then drill it a fair bit for 11 minutes over longish flats, down a twisty canyon where I kept the pressure on, then finish-up and over a drudgery life-sapping shallow climb. ohhh ... she was pissed.

Well, at this point is been 5 or 6 hours since I ate, and I start to feel the shimmy-shangies in my legs and longings. So, she pounces. We're climbing up some hill that she knows well and I've never been on. I've been on her wheel for a good portion and she just keeps throttling it with these bursts of spunk and splatter.

Ouch ... when does this hill end? I can see she's throwing the bike a bit more and more and think o' goody, the end must be nigh ... but, this damn tropical landscape, with trees drooping over every turn and pitch block site of end or endurance.

finally ... ahhhh, we crest and i'm about shattered. stupid Title 9.

So, she treated me to messican food afterwards.

me loves da Bella.


Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Hey don't they have a gringo on their team? Chris Van somthinorother? He used to ride for Postal. Hope he finds a new team for the tour.

PAB said...


i really can't get too excited about all that crap in spai, italy, or wherever it is.

but that sounds like a really good ride through the tropical landscape. definitely the kind or report I like to read.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vandevelde = hosed

tropical landscape ride with luva = perfect

Hick said...

I cant wait to hear the Queens version come Sunday.


X Bunny said...

we did 'his and her' sprintys last night

pab set me up on a nice little uphill section of the road for mine

and then went to the flat part of the road for his

Hick said...

Bunny thats just good coaching.

He gave you what was best for you, not him. Most dont think that way.

I just its cool you all get to train together.

X Bunny said...

actually, i wanted a bigger hill and he said no

PAB said...

XBunny = out of control fanatic bike racer

sticky said...

Vandevelde has been with CSC the last couple of years. He was only w/ Liberty for 1 year.

X Bunny said...

pab = world's best coach

(granted, oV is vb's wbc too i'm sure)

Velo Bella said...

me loves the oV

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