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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 2 pics for Kern County

Just scroll down for mo' pics
day 3 will be attempted tonite ... and then maybe a little review


Anonymous said...


Cant wait see to get Sassy La Femme back into racing.

She had declaired that if she doesn't get into the RN program this next semester ( its done by lottery ) she is racing in '07.

The next cat 3 bella is talking about doing some serious training.

I think she just wants to drop me.

Anonymous said...

PS: I had to read every bit of commentary under the pics.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

'07 is gonna rock.

Anonymous said...


X Bunny said...

i like the one of sputnik

PAB said...

ok, what's all the talk about '07??!!

It's MAY!

Dr. X said...

looks like Le Petit EMC there...
I think they mean 'O7 Kernie PAB, '06 is nearing half-time & damn far from over... I hope!

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