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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


from cyclingnews:

Leonardo Piepoli and Ivan Basso were the strongest, moving away from Gutierrez, Pellizotti and Perez Cuapio in the final kilometres, with Basso not contesting the finish against the Saunier Duval rider.

lord have mercy, this boy is gonna be a god in Italy.

Perhaps not as Poulidor-ish as the French, still the Italians respect grand gestures and elegance. Basso is all about the elegence. The way he pedals his bike ... effortless is a word no where near the poetry needed.

he dances ... no, it's a waltz. A long and darkly suited waltz with a bejeweled, bedazzled beauty swung around in his arms.

just don't fail the dope test for a couple more years, Ivan. it's a good ride.


VeloRainDog said...

i think maybe gravity and its silly laws might not apply to mr. basso.

Brent Chapman said...

He never rode for Manolo did he?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

no, now he rides for Mr. 60%.

Riis acquired the nickname of Mr. 60%, a suggestion that he has used doping. Although it is usually stated that this was Riis' nickname in the peloton, there is no evidence to support such a claim, and it has been flatly denied by Danish former rider Brian Holm. The 60% is an allusion to a high hematocrit (red blood cell) level, an indication of EPO usage. It has been published that Riis had a hematocrit level of 56% during one test in July 1995; Well above typical natural levels, as well as his published reading of 41% in the offseason earlier that year.[3] The earliest mention of the nickname can be traced to interviews with riders of Festina in 1998-2000, who apparently suggested that if they had been doped above 50%, then Riis must have been doped to at least 60% since he was able to win the Tour de France in 1996 ahead of the Festina rider Richard Virenque. The nickname has since caught the public imagination, and is today mostly kept alive by hostile media.

diskzero said...

Eek. At my last physical, I was at 42.7. I have seen hematocrit levels rise to the high 40's when test subjects are dehydrated. It is interesting to see how many ProTour riders maintain levels right around 49.9.

At 60%, your blood would be like 90 weight gear oil.

sticky said...

I have had my blood checked several times in the last 5 or so years & every time it is between 50-51%. If only I had more power though......

Anonymous said...

My blood is usually around 2.8%

Oh wait, I was thinking alcohol level not the other.

Soooo anybody think Vino is hosed about now?

shawndoggy said...

Hosed indeed:

Liberty pulls plug on sponsorship
By Andrew Hood
VeloNews European correspondent
This report filed May 25, 2006

The after-shocks from the so-called "OperaciĆ³n Puerto" that rocked Spanish cycling in the wake of the arrests of Liberty Seguros team manager Manolo Saiz and sports doctor Eufemiano Fuentes and three others are already rippling through cycling.

Liberty Seguros announced Thursday it's immediately ending its multi-million-dollar sponsorship with the ProTour team while Spanish authorities are reporting that as many as 200 riders and athletes could be implicated in a widespread doping network.

"The implications of Manolo Saiz´s detention are highly alarming: they damage our name and cycling's name," a company statement read Thursday. "We have cancelled our agreement with the owners of the team (Active Bay) and will respect outstanding financial obligations."


The fallout could huge impact on riders, including Tour de France favorite Alexandre Vinokourov. L'Equipe reported that the Kazakh rider, third overall in the 2003 Tour, said that he would race the Tour one way or another, with Liberty Seguros or another team.

diskzero said...

Sticky would have to get a "special exception" to race under UCI rules. I think Axel Merckx and few other riders have them.

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