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Monday, April 03, 2006

yeah ... it's true

... the woman dropped me something fierce on a few of them downhills.

the first half of the ride I was smokin it pretty good ... but then she got a handle on her new rig and i got a fistfull of hardtail up the wazoo and started backin' off lines when pipe-cleaner arm fatigue started settin' in.

it sucks bein' a roadie.

I must say though, there were bucketloads o' pride runnin' through the gills with how she returned back to that Otter and gave it a whoopin' or two. Now they're even.

But, the next time they meet ... oy. That'll be a couple gallons of hurt poured over everybody involved.

she'll be fine.

sufferin', but fine.


X Bunny said...

awesome job, vb!

now would everyone please stop talking about how great this new bike is....

when i asked pab what he wanted for his bday, all he could come up with was 'a dual suspension mtn bike'...

PAB said...

no no, not just ANY dual suspension mtn bike....

I want one like VB!

Hick said...

I'd buy ANY bike that could gurantee puttin the drop on Olaf.

But I'm afraid the bike isn't my problem.