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Friday, March 31, 2006

weekend whatup

me n' the woman gonna go whoop some otter.
see you when we see you.


Velojuice said...

I think there is a theme, Dr X , Olaf and VJ all have pictures of women on their blogs today. Then again women make the world go around, and the there really is no other option so, I say Go Girl!


X Bunny said...

weekend's over

don't think starting a new job is a reason to neglect your bloggage

we miss you!

Nome Agusta said...

I have a picture of my Women's bike. Does that count?
(notice I capitolized the "w")

Velo Bella said...

The preride was fun.

The new Kona will save me and I am beginning to think, maybe I really can finish the two laps on this course.

But at a good solid tempo it takes me two hours so it will be a 4 hour event for me for sure.


Michael was motivating as always though. I would not even consider this without him.

And he did an excellent job of buidling up my bike. Except for fit tweakings, the ride was pretty much mechanical free.

Some pics of the new bike are here

Oh, and we probably won't hear from him until later tonight since he started his new job today. I bet he's jonesin for a internet check right about now...

Hick said...

Jobs Suck.

But I wish a had one. : )

PAB said...

VB--how do you define "pretty much mechanical free"?

And just how long did it take Her-wrench-o to build it all up?

Just curious.

McSass--great job yesterday--but why'd you guy chase me with 2 or 3 to go? That shoulda been Lombardy's job!

Hick said...


I rode like a dork.

You went, eric jumped I should have sat but I closed it.

NOt sure why, I should have let Lombardi do it then counter to try and win.



X Bunny said...

i don't know how any of you ever makes the right decisions in that much oxygen debt

PAB said...

good point little bunny.

mcSass, we gotta gang up to beat the Dean, he's just too quick.

next time.

Velojuice said...

Nice machine VB!


X Bunny said...

we must be hard core bloggers as we are talking about nothing to do with this post on a person's blog who isn't even reading it....

Hick said...

!!!! Smug alert !!!!

Thats us : )

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thank the buddha you guys have picked up my slack.

mas bloggage!