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Saturday, April 29, 2006

mo' luvins & random scrambles

BagBoys Dan Martin and Roberto Pascuzzi went 1 and 5 in the first road race stage at the Geezer Bisbee.

double hell yeah.

my old mate, Markus nailed a 3rd.

- - -

this is some good racing. i love that AZ's Al Hopper gets those results up so fast.

so frickin' cool.


me n' Sabine pre-road the Firestone course. It's soooo a full-suspension course. Loads of kidney breaking cow hoofs all over the course. bumpity-bumpity and high speed.

fun, but it will beat us up pretty good tomorrow.

Saw JoJo as we were leaving. She was her normal uber-bubbles self. that rocks.


Lothar Glerbny said...

Good luck!

Hick said...

Have fun dirt dog, I'm off to Hensley!


PAB said...

Report please!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

short story is that me=first.

yay for roadie scum!

long story is that Sabine and I had a great time. We saw a bunch of fun folks and did some yakkin' and then some pedalin' and then scarfed down a bunch of messican food with JoJo and Anastasio.

Ana couldn't stop blabbing about how proud he was of missMary runnin some crazy 8mile trail thingie. that's just crazy talk.

JoJo kept talkin' about how AndyJMaynard is gonna be in China or Taiwan for the next couple weeks and that she gets to fly out there and visit after Fontucky. that's crazier talk.

Sabine n' I kept yammerin' about how sore our privates were after that night of ... er, i mean mtb race.

me = dork.

- - -

nice ridin' Lothar.

PAB said...

that rocks.

clearly Santa Barbara was more fun than Madera.

hard to imagine...

X Bunny said...

there was lots that was not fun about madera

but you have to admit that the bellas were pretty cool to hang with all weekend

X Bunny said...


and yay oV!