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Friday, April 14, 2006

keepin' it dirty

so yeah, me n' Sabine are gonna skip the fabled and lieboldian Madera Stage Race for a mtb endeavor.

i know, i know ~ what gives?

well, i'll give you two reasons. See the last coupla posts ... and then there's this other type o' bikin' ~
mmm ... cross.
for the first time, i'm actually gonna ride some dirt
in preparation-Hbomb fo' it.

hell yeah, baby.


Hick said...

Ohhhh I'm jeleous!

I've got a hankerin to crash the norba circuit so I can do Nats up at Mamooth.

maybe, just maybe.


Reed Maxwell said...

I've heard the Firestone race is actually pretty fun, a bit of a festival-type atmosphere for the weekend. Are you going to get your feet "dirty" or just support VB? Either way it should be fun, see you in the AM tomorrow.

BTW- the ONLY other Norcal MBT Natz qualifier is the Infineon race wich is the same weekend as Cascade and Rd Natz.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i'm goin' to race and support my woman.

... and party.

me = like it's 1999, baby.


i think the last mtb race i did was actually on a cross bike. one of those fun, but cheesey races out on the folsom loop.

before that, it's gotta be 3 or 4 years since i raced on my mtb. well, actually i'm going to be using VB's old steelmen at Firestone ... 'cause it's sooooo sweet.

that's gonna keep me from buyin' one of my own for awhile, prolly. but, in the end, i might just have to plunk down for a fully-cushed with mech'y disko's.

i'm sold on both now.

Reed Maxwell said...

once you get a full-suss, you wonder why you ever suffered on a hardtail... well, except for a single-speed.

PAB said...

sick bastards!

Nome Agusta said...

I am jonesing for some single speed action. It's about time to build the Chamelion up again.