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Friday, April 14, 2006

caffeine & the jerky-hurky scribbles invade

coursing, forcing from the sourcing spot
of jittered nerves
and pounding vessels.

beating drums, heated cheeks,
sweat that drips and slips,
tasting sweet enough to kiss.

too much, too soon, not enough,
wanting more



PAB said...

gawdam you need a bike race...

Velo Bella said...


Nome Agusta said...

YEAH! Caffeine!
On Fridays I let myself drink coffee as a reward for the green tea I soak up during the week.
I used the French Press this morning, nice and strong, all goopy like.
I think I'll call this brew "The Goop", like we used to call really good herb back in the day. Sticky goopy like.
Do you have The Goop?

Velojuice said...

abandon hope all ye who enter the next race with OV. him got da fever