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Thursday, April 06, 2006

just in case you need a hero ...

The Man ~ talkin' smack and lightin' fires.

This is one hombre I love to follow.

He kicks straight and he kicks hard. Even for a whitey.

Dig it brudda.

You may say, "What can we do about it? These forces are too rich, too powerful, too entrenched to be defeated." Maybe. But if others had given up before us, blacks would still be three-fifths of a person, women wouldn't have the vote, workers couldn't organize, and children would still be working in the mines. It's time to fight again.


VeloRainDog said...

excellent linkage. i'm looking forward to finishing it later w/ some suds.

Hick said...

that was DIRECT.

I like that he blasted both sides for being dirty. Only fair.

I am a regis-tard Republican but the more I know the more I feel like I'm without true representation. I'm neither Red or Blue any more, kinda purple.

Is there a purple party? or is that to middle of the road?


the old bag said...

excellent link